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You can use this easy folding trick on a tortilla, fresh wrap, with nori, or even lettuce.
Camellia Ling Aebischer

20 Jan 2021 - 3:19 PM  UPDATED 20 Jan 2021 - 3:19 PM

TikTok’s food community seems to have an affinity for tortillas. Last year avid snackers brought us the toaster-dilla and now we welcome a new lunch-worthy tortilla fold which is pretty much known as the TikTok tortilla.

After seeing it for the first time I ate one every day for a whole week. The strategic fold means there are no double layers of just tortilla like you would expect from a burrito or wrap.

This move isn’t exclusive to a tortilla though, you can use mountain bread, nori sheets or big pieces of fresh lettuce too. Just follow the same strategy.

Popular fillings include breakfast items like eggs, bacon, cheese and hot sauce; sandwich ingredients like salami, cheese, salads etc; or sweet things like banana, chocolate spread, coconut etc. My personal favourite was a nori wrap with rice, kimchi, pickles, lettuce and kewpie.

This one has cheese, onion, green olives and harissa paste. Toasted, of course.

How to make a 'TikTok tortilla'

Take your tortilla or wrap and make a straight vertical cut running from the centre of the tortilla (round) to the bottom edge.

Place ingredients on each quarter of the wrap and starting from the bottom left quarter, fold over onto the top left quarter, then fold that over to the right, and finally down.

Choosing a cheese or sauce filling on the last quarter is always useful to help seal the wrap closed.

If you’re opting to toast, pop it in a dry frying pan or sandwich press on medium heat for a few minutes til golden and heated through.

Toast to melt the cheese or eat it fresh, there are no rules.


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