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SBS Food has been busy cooking up a fresh new food show, The Cook Up with Adam Liaw, and with 200 episodes, it’s the biggest commission in the network’s history.
9 Apr 2021 - 2:05 PM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2022 - 2:18 PM

 --- The Cook Up with Adam Liaw airs weeknights on SBS Food from Monday April 19 at 7.00pm and 10.00pm. It will encore on SBS Food at 11am weekdays and at 3.30pm on SBS. SBS Food will air a marathon on Sundays at 2.00pm, and series will be made available after broadcast on SBS On Demand. ---


The popular cook, author and TV presenter is joined each night by two food loving friends for a half hour of good fun and conversation as they cook up a variety of dishes centred around a nightly theme. Whether it’s an ingredient, a style of cuisine or cultural inspiration, Adam whips up his dish first before his guests follow suit with easy to follow recipes and tips for viewers to follow at home in time for dinner.

There will be celebrities, culture, food, and lots of laughs in a series that will provide everyday inspiration for foodies and non-foodies alike.


Episode 1 | Family Dinner 

Airs 7:00pm Monday 19 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Top chef Colin Fassnidge and much-loved tv and radio personality Yumi Stynes drop by The Cook Up kitchen to cook with Adam Liaw and show what they serve for their very own family dinners.

Saganaki burger

A flavourful explosion of bacon, saganaki cheese, and pineapple. This burger brings umami in bucketloads.

Pork belly one tray roast and roast potatoes

A one-tray-wonder - packed with pork, carrots and spices - set to keep everyone in the family full and happy.

Lamb chop platter with lemon pepper yoghurt

A quick and easy family dinner, boasting with simple and hearty flavours.

Episode 2 | Lemongrass 

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 20 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw is joined by Universal/Paramount’s Christine Manfield and Longrain’s Martin Boetz in The Cook Up kitchen to cook Asian inspired specialties with the herb lemongrass.

Turmeric lemongrass noodle soup

Slurping is more than welcome with this spicy and soulful egg noodle soup.

Poached prawn with lemongrass and lime

A refreshing salad with balanced sharp flavours and plenty of green.

Lemongrass pork belly on rice

Adam loves Vietnamese broken rice (cơm tấm) dishes, but having all the elements from the pork skin to mung bean noodle omelette can be a little daunting. This version simplifies things for a simple dinner.

Episode 3 | Vanilla 

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 21 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw is joined by top chefs Mark Best of Marque restaurant fame and queen of cakes Katherine Sabbath in The Cook Up kitchen to see how they use the staple vanilla ingredient in their cooking.

Toasty Anzac biscuit slice with vanilla marshmallow

Dessert extraordinaire, Katherine Sabbath puts a modern twist on a classic Aussie biscuit. 

Apple cider fritters with vanilla sugar

Vanilla sugar is an excellent way to use a vanilla bean after the seeds have been scraped. Pack it in a jar with about ½ a cup of sugar and leave it to infuse the sugar with vanilla perfume. If you don’t have time to wait, you can blend them together for a quick version.

Super vanilla ice-cream

This ice-cream recipe is a labour of love, and very much worth the wait.

Episode 4 | Sweet Comfort Food

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 22 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Australian food icon Lyndey Milan and Fabbrica chef Hugh Piper are in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw as they cook together and share recipes for their favourite sweet comfort foods.

Flourless chocolate torte from Capri (torta Caprese)

Legend has it that this was invented when a baker forgot to add flour to an almond and chocolate cake ordered by some tourists at his bakery in the 1920’s. They liked it so much he decided to keep making it.

Four-ingredient flan

Flans are found all over the world, from the fancy French crème caramels to, orange-infused versions in Mexico. This one is more inspired by the simplicity of leche flan from the Philippines.

Sticky banana and white chocolate puddings with butterscotch sauce

This is a take on the perennially popular Sticky toffee pudding, instead using the much-loved ingredients of banana and white chocolate – all of which screams “sweet comfort food”.

Episode 5 | Burgers

Airs 7:00pm Friday 23 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw invites the king of meat, Vic’s Meat’s, Anthony Puharich and food styling queen to the stars, Lucy Tweed, into the kitchen and they create their very own version of an Aussie must-have.

Vic's cheeseburger

This burger was born out of Anthony's love for the traditional American cheeseburger. He wanted to create his own version with all the things he loves. The secret is to use the best quality ingredients you can find.

Peri Peri chicken burger

Lucy puts her own unique twist to the reliable Peri-Peri chicken burger.

Rou jia muffin

Rou jia mo is the world’s oldest hamburger. Originating in Shaanxi Province, this hamburger has been made for more than 2000 years. Instead of making the specific ‘mo’ buns, Adam uses English muffins instead.

Episode 6 | Strawberry

Airs 7:00pm Monday 26 April, 2021 on SBS Food

What do you get when you cross a political satirist with 2 superstar cooks? You get some seriously good food. Adam Liaw, Delicious magazine’s Phoebe Wood and Mark Humphries are in The Cook Up kitchen putting the strawberry through its paces.

Strawberry and white chocolate blondies

Not to be confused with the American rockstar band, these treats are the distant cousins of the classic brownie. Instead of rich milk chocolate, white chocolate is the hero of this dish.

Strawberry shortcake

The classic American strawberry shortcake is closer to what we would call a scone than a cake. In Japan it’s made with a soft and pillowy sponge that is quite unrecognisable from the rustic country kitchen American version. Whichever your preference, it’s not a bad idea to start with the original. For one, it’s a much easier cake to make.

Strawberry, white chocolate and crème fraiche galette

This is my favourite flaky pastry recipe and it’s so versatile that I use it across sweet and savoury baking, swapping out the sugar for a herb or a spice if I’m making a savoury tart. Don’t be tempted to over work the dough or make the butter too small, the big chunks of butter will help to achieve the nice flaky result.    

Episode 7 | Snack Food

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 27 April, 2021 on SBS Food

TV and radio personality Yumi Stynes and creator of the “The Family Law” Benjamin Law, join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up Kitchen and cook up their favourite snack foods.

Fancy instant ramen

Benjamin takes a hefty risk making his own version of ramen for the Ramen King himself, Adam. The dish is quite literally a melting pot as Benjamin incorporates flavours not normally seen in the Japanese dish.

Hot dogs and fairy bread

It's the killer party combination that always brings the smiles.

School prawns with salt of the sea

Taste the sea anytime and anywhere with these mini prawn chips - with real prawns.

Yumi Styles, Adam Liaw, Benjamin Law

Episode 8 | Fillet Steak

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 28 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Comedian Mickey Robins and one of Australia’s top chefs Mark Best create their favourite Fillet Steak dishes with Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen.

Fillet steak sandwich with tabouli and jar béarnaise sauce

Mikey puts a Mediterranean twist on a humble Aussie pub-feed classic. His tabouli infusion is a far cry from the standard four-leaf-mix.

Steak Diane

Mark throws it back with a hearty family dish. With deep rich flavours you know and love, it's time to bring back this classic. 

Beef tataki with shaved onion and ponzu

Beef tataki is a Japanese dish of thinly sliced raw(ish) beef that has been seared on the outside. Often served with grated garlic, this version also adds a salad of shaved red onion. 

Episode 9 | Beef Mince

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 29 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Sydney restaurant Fred’s head chef Danielle Alvarez alongside recipe creator and former Delicious editor, Warren Mendes are in The Cook Up Kitchen and they share their take on beef mice with Adam Liaw.


This has to be one of my favourite South African recipes because it brings together so many of the diverse flavours that make up the rainbow nation. It's a national dish of South Africa and their flavour packed version of a cottage pie or moussaka. 


Picadillo is one of the earliest examples of fusion cuisine, tying in Latin American flavours with Filipino staples.

Beef and broccoli soboro

Soboro is a Japanese meat and rice dish popular in donburi cuisine. The name refers to the small pieces of protein, usually ground meat and egg, that are cooked into small crumbled pieces. 

Episode 10 | Watercress

Airs 7:00pm Friday 30 April, 2021 on SBS Food

Want to know all about Watercress? Well, Adam Liaw is joined by Michelin star chef Nelly Robinson and Italian home cook Silvia Colloca to help take this herb to the next level.

Smashed potatoes with watercress pesto

This is a quick and easy side set to complement any robust main dish with its zesty flavours.

Spicy lamb kofta watercress chimmichuri

Nelly combines hot and cold with this quick and easy balanced dish. His chimichurri sauce lives to offset his spicy ground lamb.

Egg and bacon salad

A very simple salad that eats like a meal. Add some toasted sourdough on the side if you really must. 

Episode 11 | Oats | Cheap and Cheerful

Airs 7:00pm Monday 3 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Bake Club’s Anneka Manning and award-winning science and technology journalist Rae Johnson join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to kick off Cheap and Cheerful week and chat about a little Aussie staple, oats. There’s more than meets the eye with Adam’s masala porridge a granola and the family favourite Anzac biscuit.

Buttered oats with masala chai sugar

I love oats with butter and sugar. The key is to add the fat later in the form of butter, and not at the beginning for a luxurious breakfast experience.

Almond and coconut maple granola

Full of crunch and flavour this granola will become a favourite for breakfast or brunch. Feel free to switch in nuts of your choice for the almonds and pecans and serve with whatever fruit you prefer – poached or fresh. For a vegan option, serve with non-dairy milk and/or yoghurt.

Mum’s Anzac biscuits

Mum has made these biscuits for as long as I can remember. In primary school I used to trade them with other kids for packets of chips (which we could never afford) - they loved them! Now? Give me one of Mum’s crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle biscuits over a packet of chips any day. 

Episode 12 | Noodles | Cheap and Cheerful

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 4 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw is joined in The Cook Up kitchen by political satirist Mark Humphries and Delicious magazines Phoebe Wood to share their take on noodles.

Garlic pork mazemen with coriander and black vinegar

Noodles stirred together with oil and a savoury sauce are tremendously common throughout Asia, but dishes like mazemen, mee pok, Hakka mee and bak chor mee haven’t reached the popularity abroad that stir-fried noodles or soup noodles have achieved. Mores the pity because they are incredibly easy to make. 

Easy Singapore noodles

Mark Humphries walks us through his take on a Singapore-namesake noodle classic which originated in Hong Kong, inspired by the Indian-Chinese influence of Singapore's cuisine.

Mee goreng with spicy eggs

Make this Indonesian street food favourite without a single instant noodle in sight.

Episode 13 | Lentils | Cheap and Cheerful

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 5 May, 2021 on SBS Food

DJ and chef Andrew Levins and Palisa Anderson, host of SBS’s Water Heart Food, are in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw to give their take on lentils. It’s a cheap and cheerful staple.

Legs and lentils

Some good things take time, and this classic Provencal lentil with roasted chicken drumsticks recipe is no exception. Taking only 10 minutes to prepare, sit back and relax as these incredible aromas flood your home. 

Kid-friendly dhal

A lot of people are baffled when they see my kids happily eating lentils for dinner. I’ve been feeding them this super quick and simple red lentil dhal recipe since they were babies. It’s pretty much baby food served with rice, except this baby food is delicious and packed with flavour. You can make this more interesting by adding more spices or stirring through tempered curry leaves and mustard seeds at the end, but this is a great base recipe that isn’t confronting for kids at all. 

Sprouted lentil dhal

Thai cuisine Queen Palisa Anderson shows us how to make a simple sprouted lentil dhal for her Cheap and Cheerful contribution.

Episode 14 | $20 Family Meals | Cheap and Cheerful

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 6 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Need some cheap, cheerful and easy dinner ideas that don’t break the bank? Well, Every Night of The Week’s Lucy Tweed and Woodcut restaurant’s Ross Lusted join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen, to cook up their ideas for under $20.

Japanese curry sausages

Curried sausages have been an Aussie family favourite for decades, but have you ever tried them with a Japanese twist?

Balsamic glazed pork short ribs

Ross presents a tart alternative to a regular rack of ribs for his Cheap and Cheerful contribution.

Hot Greek salad

This is a favourite at home and relies on some pantry basics plus a few fresh things. I came up with this on a cold, rainy day, but I was craving the delicious tang and saltiness of a Greek salad. This dish has the elements of this, but with baked warm buttery rice - hence its name. It turns out, like most things we think we discover or invent, this dish has a name and rich history of its own. So this is a version of spanakorizo with a few extras.

Episode 15 | Cheap and Cheerful

Airs 7:00pm Friday 7 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw is with Mastermind host Marc Fennell and top chef Chase Kojima in The Cook Up kitchen to finish off the week of Cheap and Cheerful where they cook up their very own ideas on the best cheap and cheerful meals that everyone will love.

Pouding chomeur (unemployment pudding)

Originating in Quebec in The Great Depression, this economical pudding was once made just with sugar, water and flour. Modern versions have moved away from the cheap and cheerful beginnings and are now made with huge amounts of cream and maple syrup. This version goes a little way back to its origins, but still uses a bit of butter and milk to help it along.

Tonjiru (Pork soup)

I love miso soup. This version of miso soup is made with pork, and there are many different styles of soup. It's very healthy and not expensive to make, but it feels very luxurious.

Avocado and black bean salad

Marc prepared this dish with permission from Mike McEnearney from Kitchen by Mike, one of his favourite restaurants.

Marc Fennell, Adam Liaw, Chase Kojima

Episode 16 | Scallops

Airs 7:00pm Monday 10 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Top Michelin star chef Nelly Robinson from Nel restaurant and Bondi Harvest chef Taylor Cullen are in The Cook Up Kitchen with Adam Liaw, to create their favourite scallop dishes.

Scallops with kombu butter and lemon

Fresh half-shell Australian scallops, roasted with a slightly spicy, super umami butter and served with lemon - perfect for those Aussie summer barbecues

Scallops, bacon and asparagus

This is a Western-style stir-fry, with a rich salty flavour from the rendered speck and seared scallops. The asparagus and apple cider vinegar cut through to provide a crisp, fresh contrast.

Scallops with curried cauliflower purée

Juicy seared scallops in a bowl of curried cauliflower purée drizzled with coriander oil and a sprinkle of fresh herbs.

Episode 17 | Almonds

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 11 May, 2021 on SBS Food

The Salloum sisters from Sydney’s Almond Bar are with Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen creating their favourite almond dishes.

Almond-filled semolina biscuits (mamoul bi lorz)

Mamoul bi lorz feature intricate designs that makes them as much art as biscuit. The centre is filled with crushed almond and both rose and orange blossom waters give them an aromatic floral flavour.

Turmeric tea cake (sfouf)

Tahini is used to grease the base and sides of the cake tin for a delightfully moist outer to this dense almond cake, perfect with a hot tea or coffee.

Almond pudding with ginger and palm sugar syrup

Traditionally made with ground apricot kernels, this Chinese almond pudding is made much easier by using commercial almond milk and spiking it with a little extra almond essence

Episode 18 | Dill

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 12 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Universal/Paramount chef Christine Mansfield and Bird Cow Fish chef Alex Herbert give their take on an underrated herb, dill, while in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw.

Spinach and dill fried rice

Adam Liaw's fried version of Greek spanakorizo is absolutely delicious, and very simple to make.

Gravlax and tzatziki

Christine Manfield's gravlax dish beautifully balances the cured fish with the creamy yoghurt and cucumber tzatziki.

Pan-fried salmon with dill butter

Salmon and dill make for a perfect pair, and what better way to achieve that perfectly crisp skin than pan-frying it in a dill-infused butter?

Episode 19 | Tofu

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 13 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Do you want to know how to master tofu? Join Adam Liaw, media personality Linda Marigliano and Yellow’s upcoming chef Nina Huynh as their share some easy ways to eat this tasty meat substitute.

Tofu doughnuts

These tofu doughnuts use the silken variety to make a sweet batter that's then deep fried and dusted with cinnamon, icing sugar or sweetened kinako (soybean) powder.

Fried tofu with spring onion and red chilli

Radio presenter Linda Marigliano shares her recipe for an easy, one-pan tofu dinner that's fragrant with a bit of heat.

Silken tofu with orange and ginger syrup

Tofu is such a wonderful ingredient to use for its versatility. This is a cheat’s version of tau hu nuoc duong that is easy to make at home. 

Episode 20 | Apple

Airs 7:00pm Friday 14 May, 2021 on SBS Food

TV and radio personality Yumi Stynes and author, journalist and actor Benjamin Law join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to cook and chat all things apples.

Emergency apple crumble

This is the crumble I make every time a friend has a baby! I drop around a bag of the crumble topping, a tin of apple (or pear) and some delicious thick cream.

Green apple granita with strained yoghurt

Adam brings his youghurt to the thickness of double cream for a velvety contrast to the icy, crisp granita.

Roast pork belly with apple, soy and ginger

The pork belly develops an incredibly crisp skin as it slow roasts in a spiced marinade that keeps the meat moist and juicy.

Apple tarte tatin

Episode 21 | Tarts

Airs 7:00pm Monday 17 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Cake queen Katherine Sabbath and top chef from Marque restaurant fame, Mark Best take on Adam Liaw to cook in The Cook Up kitchen together and see who can create the best tart!

Vegan chocolate tart with spiced chocolate ganache

The cayenne pepper adds ‘warmth’ and intensifies the flavour of the filling, rather than adding spiciness to this rich chocolate tart.

Roast chicken and asparagus tart

Chicken and asparagus make a wonderful pair. In Denmark, little chicken and asparagus tarts are often made with boiling chickens that have been used for soup.

Tarte tatin

This delicious tart should be attempted, practised and perfected. It is an absolute winner and has been since its probably mythical invention by the Tatin sisters, Stéphanie and Caroline in the 1880’s.

Episode 22 | Coffee

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 18 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Author and journalist Anthony Huckstep and LP Quality Meats owner Luke Powell are in The Cook Up kitchen, with Adam Liaw, to show you at home the multiple ways you can use coffee in your dishes.

Coffee granita with cream Chantilly

If you’re looking for a coffee hit on a hot day, this is the answer. The vanilla-bean cream cuts through the granita for a refreshing dessert.

Vietnamese coffee tiramisu

It’s hard to imagine an easier dessert than this. Vietnamese coffee is known for its characteristic fragrance which pairs well with the mascarpone cream.

Coffee and cumin lamb leg

Coffee isn’t just about your morning caffeine hit. It’s an ingredient, albeit a bitter one, just like any other and works incredibly well as a rub for slow-cooked meats.

Episode 23 | Lemon

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 19 May, 2021 on SBS Food

When life gives you lemons, you make desserts. Adam Liaw, Fred’s head chef Danielle Alvarez alongside recipe creator and former Delicious editor, Warren Mendes, show off their lemon creations made in The Cook Up kitchen

Lemon chicken

A Chinese takeaway classic, Adam Liaw shares his version of lemon chicken, which includes a rice wine and ginger sauce and does away with the gluey marinade associated with the dish.

Lemon, lime and bitters drizzle cake

Lemon lime and bitters is such a great flavour combination and it works especially well with this twist on the classic lemon drizzle cake.

Shaker lemon tart

This pie originated in Ohio in America's Midwest, crafted by the Shaker community. Meyer lemons - with a thinner and less tart skin - are traditionally used, as the whole citrus is used in this recipe.

Episode 24 | Salmon

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 20 May, 2021 on SBS Food

The Lebanese Plate’s Lina Jebeile and chef Guy Turland are in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw cooking up a salmon storm, showing you the many different ways to hero salmon in your dishes.


Salmon and finger lime ceviche

Roasted battata harra with salmon

Battata harra literally means ‘spicy potatoes’. This is traditionally a Lebanese potato salad that is eaten as a cold starter. This recipe takes the same flavours with the addition of salmon to make a perfect main meal.

Salmon and finger lime ceviche

Ceviche is fish pickled lightly in acid - typically it's made with a firm white-fleshed fish but Guy takes a turn on the dish highlighting the classic combination of salmon and avocado.

Aburi salmon donburi

A healthy and colourful bowl of fresh salmon, wasabi, Japanese mayo, avo and hot rice.

Episode 25 | Sardinian

Airs 7:00pm Friday 21 May, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw, Pilu restaurant’s Giovanni Pilu and Acme famed chef Mitch Orr show you how to make their favourite Sardinian inspired dishes.

Pita with passata, pecorino and egg (pane frattau)

In Sardinia, this casual stack of flatbreads, tomato sauce and cheese is known as pane frattau and is a fantastic way to make use of bits and pieces of Sardinia’s famous flatbread – pane carasau.

Fregola, corn and bottarga

When I think of Sardinian cuisine the first two things that come to mind are fregola and bottarga. They’re such unique ingredients which also happen to be two of my favourites.

Culurzones (potato and mint stuffed pasta with burnt butter and sage)

Stuffed pasta, such as culurzones, requires a slightly softer dough than long pasta shapes such as tagliolini, so this dough has a couple of extra egg yolks added.