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29 Jul 2021 - 11:43 AM  UPDATED 6 Aug 2021 - 11:04 AM

It’s been a while between our while you sleep stories over here and there’s really nothing more inspiring for slow cooking than some chilly winter weather. Presenting to you a very convenient breakfast: shakshuka.

Sure you could make a quick tomato sauce in the morning and crack some eggs in but like all good things, time makes a difference in flavour. Also, who could go past the melting soft sweet pieces of capsicum dotted throughout.

Basically, you can apply this technique to your favourite shakshuka recipe but I’ve put together a simple one below. Because it cooks for so long you really don’t need to sweat the onion and capsicum off beforehand but if you prefer to, go for it.

Depending on your slow cooker temperature the time taken to cook the eggs could vary. I cooked them on low because my cooker only has one setting but you can turn it up to high to speed things up a bit. Cooking them low meant the whites stayed silky smooth and avoided any rubberiness.

Add as many eggs as you need, this amount will comfortably house around eight.

Shakshuka while you sleep

Serves 2-3

Put all these things in your slow cooker pot: 2 x 400 g cans of tomatoes, 1 onion (sliced), 1 large red capsicum (chopped), 1 red chilli (chopped), 1 tsp each of salt, smoked paprika and Baharat spice mix (or substitute cumin).

Turn it on low and leave it overnight (about 8 hours). In the morning crack as many eggs as you like, I did four but could do at least eight with the amount of sauce.

Place the lid back on for 20 minutes and let them gently cook until the whites are set (check after 15). It seems like a long time but this was on low temp, you could put it on high and check after 10 minutes or if you have a sauté function on your slow cooker turn it up until bubbling and cook for a few minutes like normal.

All aboard the dippy express!

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