Could this be the best Greek food blog of all time? This week in SBS Food’s Blog Appétit – our round up of food blogs worth bookmarking – we bring you Souvlaki For The Soul.
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With recipes for every Greek classic imaginable, from keftedes and pastitsio to baklava and three different kinds of saganaki (yes, our mouths are watering right now, too), Souvlaki For The Soul is the most comprehensive Hellenic food blog out there. It’s also the best looking – Greek-Australian blogger Peter Georgakopoulos is a mean food photographer and every gorgeous pic is styled to a t.

While Sydney-based Peter may be fiercely proud of his Hellenic heritage, he’s by no means afraid to mess with tradition. Think spelt and sweet potato loukoumades and Chinese bao made with steamed pita. Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention Peter’s blog namesake – the cherished Greek street food, souvlaki. You’ll find a handful of renditions on the blog, including a Tex-Mex-meets-Greek summer pork souvlaki with cucumber and pineapple, which he graciously shares here along with other mash-up numbers avocado tzatziki, and kale and feta bread. And because all Greek boys love their mothers, his mum’s homemade spanakopita. For more great Greek times, look for Peter, aka @souvlakiman, on Instagram or on Facebook @souvlakiforthesoul.


“When I cook recipes for my blog, I always ask myself, “What would my parents do?” And then I go ahead and change it anyway…”

“Dad was an accomplished cook and mum was your typical housewife, and it was through them that I found my love of cooking. It was only natural that I would be in the kitchen watching, observing and learning instead of playing outside with the other kids.

As I grew older, I took what I learnt from them and added my own twists. My dad would never think of pairing pineapples with pork souvlaki, yet I think it’s a perfect combination of savoury and sweet. He laughed at me when I added avocado to a traditional tzatziki, yet somehow I think he could see the method behind my madness!

But I’m not always a Greek kitchen rebel! With my mother’s spanakopita (spinach and cheese pie), I let her do her thing. She showed me how to patiently roll out filo pastry and that traditions need to be preserved. It was also through her that I took on a passion for baking, be it savoury or sweet.

The recipes might be my creation, yet I can clearly see the influence my parents had in helping me form my own Greek cooking identity.”



I started my blog… To relieve boredom. I saw it as a way to marry my technological and culinary interests.

The must-cook recipe on my website is… My mum’s spanakopita.

I can’t wait to go back to… Taormina in Sicily to eat pasta alla Norma and drink almond wine.

My current food obsession is… American-style burgers.

Nugget of cooking wisdom… Salt always makes everything taste better.

I learnt to cook from… My parents.

When I go back to my home town… Melbourne, the first thing I eat is a traditional souvlaki.

Friends always ask me to cook my… Domatokeftedes (tomato fritters), especially in the warmer months.

Greek food is... Fresh, vibrant and healthy.

The one thing I can’t cook is… Poached eggs. So tricky…

I always have… Cinnamon in my pantry, Greek yoghurt in my fridge, and frozen peas in my freezer.

My favourite biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea is… An original Tim Tam.

My most sauce-splattered cookbook is… Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion.

The most difficult food to shoot/style and make look tasty is… Meat. It’s very ‘beige’.

Beyond my own blog, some of my favourites reads are… He Needs Food, Grab Your Fork and Elly Says Opa .



Top picks from Souvlaki For The Soul


1. Pork souvlaki with pineapple and cucumber salsa


2. Avocado tzatziki


3. My mum’s spanakopita


4. Kale and feta bread


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