• Snapper crudo with watermelon, caper and chilli (Benito Martin)Source: Benito Martin
You say sashimi, I say ceviche. Explore seafood and meat dishes from around the world, with flavours from fried capers to finger limes.
29 Jan 2018 - 1:22 PM  UPDATED 22 Jan 2018 - 3:52 PM

1. Classic ceviche (ceviche clásico)

The classic Peruvian-style of ceviche adds sweet potato and corn into the mix, adding bursts of richness and sunshine.

2. Carne crudo with quick pickled eschalots

The success of any raw dish relies on the quality of meat used. In this case, you'll need to source a high-quality beef fillet. After that, it will all fall into place: finely dice the beef, mix it with egg yolk, parmesan, capers, dill pickles, chives and olive oil, then serve with crunchy bread for a satisfying starter or light meal.

3. Snapper crudo with watermelon, caper and chilli

Never thought of serving watermelon with raw fish? You won't look back. Every mouthful of this perfect summer starter bursts with sweet, sour, salt and heat, bound together with creamy extra virgin olive oil. 

4. Tuna tartare with rice pappadams

This is a great party starter that uniquely blends Indian and Japanese flavours (and it works!). Serve the dish either in individual portions, or with the tartare pilled on a share-plate served alongside a mound of pappadams, and let every dig-in. 

5. Fijian-style sashimi of trevally

The flavours of the Pacific are on full display in this fresh and creamy ceviche: coconut milk, lime, chilli, coriander and nuoc cham, a sweet and sour fish sauce-based dressing. 

6. Lime-cured fish with avocado (ceviche con aguacate)

Feel the warmth and vibrancy of Mexican cuisine in this straightforward ceviche. Serve with plenty of crunchy tostadas for dipping and an ice-cold cerveza for sipping!

7. Kingfish crudo with cucumber, fried capers and chilli dressing

Fried capers are an easy addition for crispy, salty flavour bombs on a dish. They're made by throwing capers into hot oil for a couple of minutes until they open like little flowers.

8. Sashimi salad

Tender fish, fresh vegetables and crunchy wonton strips combine together for a perfect light meal, and you can tailor the fish selection to whatever is in season or takes your fancy. The dressing is a 'wafu' style (Western-inspired Japanese recipe), combining grated onion, soy sauce, rice vinegar, oil, sugar and pepper. 

9. Salmon tartare (tartare de saumon)

Plate this tartare in freestyle piles, or use timbale or ring molds for a neater presentation. If you don’t have an ‘official’ mold, a similarly shaped coffee cup or some cleaned PVC piping will do the job. Impressive-looking, but easy. 

10. Goldband snapper sashimi with soy, rice wine vinegar & finger limes

Just five ingredients make for simple elegance in this Australian-Japanese fusion. 

More raw
Tuna tartare and mojama with pimento aioli

“This is a great dish for entertaining, as it’s quick to put together but really impressive. Mojama is salt-cured dried tuna and is available from good food stores or delicatessens. You only need a small amount as it packs a big punch.” Shane Delia, Shane Delia’s Moorish Spice Journey

Skipjack tuna sashimi with salted onions and ponzu sauce

It would have been a crime to spend as much time on board fishing as we did, and not serve at least some of our haul sashimi-style. What matters is not so much the type of fish you use, as how fresh it is. So let your nose be your guide. The ponzu sauce is a great little dipping number for fresh or grilled seafood.

Oyster ceviche with tiger’s milk

“Leche de tigre”, or “tiger’s milk”, is the South American name for the flavourful, sour liquid drained from a good ceviche. It contains the juices of the seafood and a bite of vinegar or citrus. This colourful oyster ceviche wouldn’t be complete without its tiger’s milk spiced up with a bit of Peruvian grape brandy, pisco. I prefer ceviche served immediately rather than left to cook for too long in the acid.

Scallop ceviche (ceviche de vieiras)

On the Mexican coast, where both fresh seafood and limes are plentiful, ceviche is popular way to have a simple meal. While curing seafood with the acid of lime juice is a method used the world over, the Mexican addition of avocado adds a wonderful creaminess to the dish that makes it even more special.

Steak tartare with pommes gaufrettes

This Paris bistro dish of finely minced or diced raw beef mixed with ingredients such as capers, cornichons, shallots and herbs, and often served topped with a raw egg yolk, is named after the Tartar people of Central Asia and became popular in the early twentieth century. 

Guillaume says the biggest compliment you can pay a bistro is to order their steak tartare, as it means you trust the quality of their meat. He likes to serve his tartare with pommes gaufrettes – potatoes sliced into thin wafers using a lattice blade on a mandolin, deep-fried to crisp perfection. They provide a crunchy base for each mouthful of delicious meat.