• Hanoi crisp parcels with vermicelli salad (bun nem ran) (sbs)Source: sbs
Fillings may vary, but once you get that perfect balance between the fresh and the crunchy, then you're in for an absolute treat.
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With a peanut dipping sauce and an array of fresh herbs, these tuna and cucumber rice paper rolls make weeknights a breeze.

Pork mince tacos

These tacos are a revelation. Use the freshest rice sheets and BBQ for 20 seconds or so, turn gently and continue to cook until the rice paper sheets being to blister, puff and char a little. Fill with spiced pork mince and turn tortilla taco nights on their head. 

Sesame salmon

Traditionally, rice paper rolls in Saigon are filled with prawn and pork. At Luke's restaurant Vietnam House he rolls sesame-seared salmon, green mango, dill and salmon caviar for a pop of colour and freshness. 

Rice paper rolls with sesame salmon

Crispy crab

The flavours and textures in this Vietnamese bowl really pack a punch - the crispy crab, pork and mushroom parcels served on noodle salad with fresh herbs, nuoc cham and crunchy garnish. 

Roast duck

These are lovely little rolls, easily portable and ideal for a sunny picnic lunch and the sweet lychee is a perfect foil for the rich roast duck flavour.

Roast duck and rice paper rolls


Vermicelli noodles, tofu, lettuce, carrot and cucumber might be the centre of attention but it's the Begonia flowers, parsley, dill and fennel that are demanding it.

Floral spring rolls

Pan-fried pork and prawn

This is a dish from the northern part of Vietnam known as cha lui lai. It's basically a flat spring roll in the shape of a rectangle that is pan-seared instead of deep-fried. Arrange the accompaniments on a large platter, then add the fried rice paper parcels and serve with nuoc cham dipping sauce.

Pan-fried pork and prawn rice paper parcels

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