• Lemon olive oil cake (Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen)Source: Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen
From zesty cake to creamy custards and ice-cream, here are the sensational desserts that tap into olive oil's sweet side.
18 Jun 2018 - 11:08 AM  UPDATED 26 Jul 2018 - 9:47 PM

Ice-cream, you scream

If you haven't used olive oil in your ice-cream before, be prepared to trade in your love for chocolate, strawberry, vanilla for this - EVOO version. Sweet and gentle, the result is in an ice-cream with a fresh and caramel-like flavour with a hint of savouriness and creamy texture.

Love your loaf

This cake is beautifully moist with slightly savoury, grassy notes from the olive oil and bay leaves, and a freshness kick from the mandarins. Don't have mandarins on-hand? This loaf also sings with oranges, lemons or blood oranges, or perhaps a combination of all three! 

Mandarin & bay leaf olive loaf

A little nutty with custard

Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil is ideal for this recipe. It tends to have a hint of nuttiness and is slightly robust, yet still very smooth. It's almost almond-like characteristics work seamlessly in the cake and combine naturally with the topping, while the silky custard binds all the flavours together.


Real olives, real caramel

The Mediterranean climate in Margaret River is perfect for growing olives, and olives are more than antipasto! With that in mind, Peter Kuruvita makes an olive oil cake with a very special olive caramel - yes, whole olives! The caramel can also be used in savoury dishes as well. 

Lemon olive oil cake

Mousse kiss

This one is an absolute favourite and it's also vegan-friendly AND dairy-free! Spread this Spanish chocolate pâte on some toasted bread, drizzle with extra olive oil and sprinkle with salt - be warned, this pot may just be your undoing. 

Green with gluten-free envy

This gluten-free pistachio cake shines with subtle lemon flavour teamed with an aromatic rosewater icing. It's lovely, light and nutty making it the perfect afternoon tea cake.

Gluten-free lemon and pistachio cake with rosewater icing

Think twice about baked biscotti 

Similar to Italian twice-baked biscotti, fekkas are a popular Moroccan biscuit. This recipe calls on a little bit of light olive oil to bind the dough and it's got a lovely citrus-and aniseed-flavoured raisin mixture throughout the centre.

The upside

With their crimson-stained flesh and blushed skin blood oranges are considered one of the most vibrant of citrus fruits. They have the ability to add not only a wonderful rosy hue to these upside-down walnut cakes but also a lovely, slightly bitter flavour to offset the sweet syrup – this is truly a special high tea offering.

How about these apples?

Easy to make, this is a delightfully moist apple cake awash with spices. Once you get through peeling and grating your Granny Smith's, the rest is a breeze and a must alongside some fresh cream and homemade vanilla bean ice-cream

The Italian Job

Lemon and apricots go really well together and Made In Italy's, Silvia Colloca adds liqueur to her batter. This fluffy cake features sambuca and, typical of Italian desserts, calls for extra virgin olive oil rather than butter.

Raining rosewater

This cake is a hero with a thousand faces. With herbs and spices, citrus juice, spirits and various extracts and essences, this will quickly become a household favourite. It's as simple as making pancakes, bakes up to have a moist interior and a crispy, golden exterior, and because it’s a blank slate for whatever floral notes or earthy spices you want to add. 

Want more? Get your hands around more olive oil sweet sensations right here.

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