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Let these low and slow braises warm your home...and your bellies!
30 Apr 2020 - 1:59 PM  UPDATED 28 Oct 2020 - 5:05 PM

--- Watch Nadem make her famous lamb kabsa in episode two of Jimmy Shu's Taste of the Territory at 6.30pm, Sunday on SBS Food (Ch.33) then via SBS On Demand ---


1. Lamb, quince and saffron tagine

Lamb, quince and saffron tagine has a wonderful balance of sweet and sour flavours.

The combination of fragrant spices, fruit and honey helps to cut through the richness of the lamb, and the resulting braise has a wonderful balance of sweet and sour flavours. Served atop fluffy couscous, this is perfect cold-weather food.

2. Squid braised with anchovies, saffron and peas

There are two ways to cook fresh squid - for a very short time or long and slow. This recipe opts to go the latter route, delivering deep flavours and extremely tender squid. Frozen peas make everything easier here, but by all means, use fresh podded peas if you have access to some. Podded, peeled broad beans are also a delicious alternative. Spoon a little tapenade on top of each serve, if you like.

3. Nadem’s lamb kabsa

Nadem’s lamb kabsah

Nadem’s kabsa – a fragrant rice and meat dish popular in many places in the Persian Gulf - is inspired by Arabic journeys along the Silk Road. When the Arabic people began travelling from the Middle East to Asia, they returned home with new spices, gradually adding them to their traditional dishes.

On the new SBS Food series, Taste of the Territory, host Jimmy Shu learns the recipe for Nadem's kabsa, including a special secret trick for adding a chargrilled scent to the meat and rice.

4. Goat hotpot with white beans and chorizo

Goat hotpot with white beans and chorizo

Say olé to this hearty Spanish hotpot, cooked slowly in the oven until the goat is tender and soaked in flavour.

5. Beef brisket braised with tamarind and chilli sauce

Beef brisket braised with tamarind and chilli sauce

This one-pot wonder is perfect to make in your slow-cooker as the day rolls by. Enjoy it over a bowl of fluffy white rice! 

6. Artichoke and pea tagine (tajine kok and jelbana)

Artichoke and pea tagine

Celebrating the artichoke, the basis of this dish is the chermoula, full of exotic spices, fresh herbs, chilli, garlic and ginger.

7. Braised chicken (pollo in potacchio)

Braised chicken (pollo in pottacchio)

To make a traditional pollo in potacchio, the chicken must be cooked with very little sauce – the reduced wine, tomatoes and chicken juices make the charred skin very tasty, while the inside remains surprisingly tender.

8. Bean cassoulet with nut crumb

Bean cassoulet with nut crumb

The combination of beans and nuts here makes this a superb ‘emission-friendly’ meal – and it’s even better if the ingredients are locally sourced. Cook beans from dry for an afternoon project.

9. Pork braised in milk (maiale al latte)

Pork slow-cooked in milk, cream and butter? Yes please! There’s nothing like soaking these tender pork slices and veggies in the rich sauce.

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