• Frikkadels stuffed with camembert (Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen)Source: Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen
The Eurovision Song Contest always demands a power ballad of a snack-a-thon behind it.
13 May 2020 - 12:28 AM  UPDATED 17 May 2021 - 12:06 PM

--- The 65th Eurovision Song Contest kicks off in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, broadcast live and in primetime exclusively on SBS and SBS On Demand from 19 to 23 May ---

How to watch this year's contest
Australia, let’s do this! Eurovision 2021 is on SBS from 19-23 May. Get behind Australia’s very own Montaigne as she competes in the world’s biggest song competition.

Montaigne's meringues (Aquafaba meringues)

Meringues can be considered to have an ethereal quality.

These meringues are not only light and ethereal, but they’re also vegan! These super versatile bases are great for any snacker with a sweet tooth. Simply serve it up with bowls of cut fruit and whipped cream on the side, for maximum customisation options. We're dreaming of our DIY meringue station as we write this...

Tiramisu-rovision (Tiramisu)

Looking for a comforting custardy dessert with an edge? Well, look no further than the boozier rendition of tiramisu with all the trimmings - soft sponge, bitter coffee, sweet cream, and heady booze... just like our favourite singing competition! 

Joel Creas-ini breadsticks (Grissini)

The best part of these breadsticks? That you can make it with ANY bread dough, even sourdough! Just remember to have some lard on hand to smother the dough with - it’ll give it that extra je ne sais quois that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

Myf War-gherita pizza (Margherita pizza)

Pizza margherita.

Eurovision is an epic pizza party waiting to happen, and we're making our own. The key to the perfect pizza is using the best ingredients, mastering the art of rolling the balls, stretching the dough, creating the cornichone or crust, using simple delicious toppings, having access to a wood-fired (or hot) oven and getting the temperature just right.

Ah, frikkadel out! (stuffed with camembert)

Frikkadels stuffed with camembert

Dutch meatballs were brought to the shores of Sri Lanka around 450 years ago and they’re still a favourite among the Burgher community. Peter Kruvuita is dishing up a comforting dreamboat by adding camembert to these meatballs and not only deep-frying them twice for crunch. One, two, ah, frikkadel out!

Launch into empanadas

Whether you like them baked or deep-fried, sweet or savoury, empanadas are the perfect one-handed snack to get you up on your feet and move-busting - we'll allow it.

A mezze for your thoughts

From mini spanakopitas to taramasalata, this mezze platter has it all! And just the right amount of variety to keep you munching on the edge of your seat. 

Go gyros (crispy fish pita wraps)

Crisp fish pita wrap

This is a wrap we can keep up with! A fish-filled, gyro-style number that is quite the package and packs a flavourful performance. Use a firm-fleshed white fish that will hold together to form crisp, golden morsels. 

Pop it like it's hot (jalapeño poppers)

What’s a more classic snack food than poppers? You could use any large chilli, but plump jalapeños have large cavities particularly perfect for filling with cheese. The cream cheese here is combined with coriander and salt, but you could simply fill the jalapeño with a chunk of cheddar before crumbing and frying. Bonus tip: try these poppers with some beer! Its carbonated fizz cleanses the fat from the palate and allows the flavour of the cheese to stand out.

Say cheese! (burrata cheese)

If you love to snack on cheese, this one’s for you: burrata is a fresh ball of cheese with stretched mozzarella on the outside and a buttery mixture of shredded mozzarella and cream on the inside. You can buy Australian-made burrata from selected delis, supermarkets and cheese shops, or substitute with buffalo mozzarella. This recipe pairs the cheese with artichokes and a tangy lemon dressing for a perfect Italian starter.

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