5 Jun 2013 - 8:35 PM  UPDATED 18 Jun 2015 - 9:11 PM

Episode 1: Malta to Lebanon

In the first episode of Shane Delia's Spice Journey, Shane journeys back to his homeland of Malta, where he follows ancient Phoenician trade routes across the sea to the original Land of Milk and Honey, Lebanon.


Frozen cashew baklava
Pork and pea pastizzi
Rabbit stew with smashed potato salad (stuffat tal-fenek)



Episode 2: The Road to Tripoli

Shane visits the souks of Tripoli in Lebanon and learns how food traditions of the ancient port city have been shaped by centuries of trade and travellers.


Booza fun ice-cream
Steamed snapper and croquettes with tahini vinaigrette (samke harra)
Shellfish moghrabieh



Episode 3: Mountain Secrets

Shane explores mountain hideouts of central Lebanon where he learns age-old methods of meat preservation and samples the quintessential kibbeh. Then he takes the knowledge back to his Melbourne kitchen to create his own take on awarma and kibbeh.


Candied spiced pumpkin
Duck awarma with smoked hummus
Lamb and kishk kibbeh



Episode 4: Beqaa Valley

Shane visits the ancient ruins of Baalbeck to learn about the origins of Middle Eastern winemaking.


Smoked freekeh risotto
Spiced lamb pastries (lamb sfiha)
Arak-cured kingfish



Episode 5: The South

Shane travels from the beaches of Sidon to the mountain town of Nabatieh to taste some of Lebanon's best goat's cheese, labne and za'atar.


Areesh and carob lady fingers
Grilled haloumi salad
Orange-salted fish
Spiced burghul salad with labna (kamoune banadoura)
Spicy Dahlia chips


Episode 6: Beirut

Shane visits Beirut to explore the Palestinian and Armenian influences on Lebanese cuisine, as well as finally trying the falafel – the original dude food.


Beirut lamb pizza
Stuffed Armenian chicken wings
Falafel burgers
Pomegranate ice-cream sandwiches



Episode 7: Welcome to Iran

Shane's gastronomic pilgrimage takes him to Iran – Persia of old – and home of saffron, pomegranate and the world's first haute cuisine.


Boat smuggler's fish stew
Shiraz eggplant pickle
Potato-crusted saffron rice
Cherry sorbet and frozen rosewater rice noodles (faloudeh)



Episode 8: Yazd

Shane takes to the silk road to meet nomadic tribes keeping ancient methods of bread making alive, samples the local saffron and tries pashmak – the original fairy floss.


Pomegranate-roasted pork belly
Slow-roasted lamb with jewelled yoghurt
Roast peaches and basil ice-cream



Episode 9: Tehran

Shane travels from Esfahan, ancient capital of Persia to Tehran, contemporary capital of Iran.


Duck dizzi – two ways
Barberry nougat-filled doughnuts



Episode 10: The Caspian Sea

Having travelled close to 2,000 kilometers and gained glimpses into 2,000 years of Persian culinary history, Shane arrives in Iran's north, the Caspian sea, where the food influences are very Ottoman.


Squid ink caviar and crab salad
Quail egg kefta
Saffron zoolbia (deep-fried pastry with saffron sugar syrup)