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Dairy-free desserts needn't be dull. Substitute dairy with coconut milk, apple juice or tahini, and enjoy cake, cookies and even chocolate mousse.

A great gift for a dinner party host: find some lovely white cardboard boxes and once opened your host will be delighted by the golden glow of these gorgeous jellies.
Popular in the colder months in the Netherlands, these little coconut meringues with a hint of ginger are a favourite with adults and children alike.
It’s rich, chocolately and smooth… and yet good for you in so many ways. Enjoy this mousse on its own or with berries and nuts any time of day.
This recipe is traditionally made during Lent because it contains no animal products. As these little Greek tahini cakes contain no butter or eggs they tend to be...
This is one of my signature dishes that works equally as well served as a slice. Simply use a square tray and cut into squares when frozen through. Don’t forget...

Dairy-free dessert recipes