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Breaking Our Silence Episode 2: 'Gina'

لماذا قد تلجأ النساء إلى استخدام العنف ضد أفراد أسرتها أحيانا؟ Source: Getty Images/SimonSkafar

SBS Filipino's 'Breaking Our Silence' series sheds light on the different forms of domestic abuse, including the experiences of Filipino millennials who suffered at the hands of their Australian partners. This series focuses on the survivors who aren’t just digits in the statistics, but people with compelling stories to tell.

The second episode of this series tells the story of 31-year-old Gina* who suffered emotional abuse inflicted by her ex-partner.  

Emotional abuse is name-calling. It's isolating the sufferer. It's withholding finances and affection. It's manipulation. It's just as painful and traumatic as its physical counterpart. And it's what Gina went through with the man she built a family with. 

*Gina is a pseudonym. Listen to her story.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, report it to the police through 000 and through the National Sexual Assault Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Line 1800 – RESPECT or 1800-737-732. 


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