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Sufi singer says music plays key role in enhancing multiculturalism in Australia

Farhan Shah is awarded Australian citizenship and he performed during the ceremony in Adelaide. Source: Farhan Shah facebook

Farhan Shah, the Pakistani-origin artist known for his soulful Sufi singing, was recently awarded Australian citizenship.

Farhan's sensational voice has made him a recognised figure on the global music stage.

The Adelaide-based singer, composer and music producer is known for his collaborations with a diverse array of Australian and global talents.

  • Sufi rock singer Farhan Shah has received various awards including Adelaide UNESCO City of Music Award
  • Shah has played a major role in re-introducing Sufi tradition and culture in Australia and beyond
  • The Pakistani-origin artist can finally call Australia home after receiving citizenship recently

Last month, Farhan and his family received their Australian citizenship.

He told SBS Urdu that Australia's acceptance of people from different cultures and different parts of the world is what makes it a successful society.

The singer, who has been based in Australia since 2016, has performed his devotional music at a range of shrines, from Trinity Church to Gurudwara.

family have been awarded Australian Citizenship.
Singer and his family have been awarded Australian Citizenship in Adelaide.
Farhan Shah

Migration was not an easy decision but Australia is a place that we have always wanted to call home

At the citizen ceremony, the singer accepted a surprise request to perform live.

Farhan said he is a big admirer of the Australian way of giving opportunities to everyone.

Australia's openness to new experiences plays a big role in developing fresh ideas

A true spiritualist Farhan has even sung at the Trinity Church, at a Gurudwara and shrines of past saints and Sufis.
Pakistani-Australian artist crossing the cultural divide.
Farhan Shah

He said his success hasn't come overnight through any preset formula, but collaboration has helped him reach wider audiences and enhance his singing career.

Farhan has performed across the world for the past two decades and received multiple awards.

In 2021, Farhan received the Global Music Award for Best Eastern Contemporary Classical Music for the song Saavan’. 

Another highlight of Farhan’s career was receiving the Adelaide UNESCO City of Music Award for best international collaboration at the SAM Awards in November 2020. 



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