NSW man discovers red-bellied black snake wrapped around car mirror

A NSW man driving on the state's south coast got the fright of his life when a red-bellied black snake slid along his ute's window.

Redbelly black snake

A red-belly black snake hitched a ride on a car. Source: SBS

A NSW driver the shock of his life when a red-bellied black snake slithered up his window while driving on the state's south coast.

Ted Ogier was driving back from Eden after making a delivery on Wednesday, when he noticed the slippery stowaway emerge out from under the bonnet of his ute.

The dangerous hitchhiker slithered its way along the ute's window before wrapping itself around the side mirror.


Mr Ogier and another woman were later able to remove the snake safely from the ute, according to his employer Nolans Auto Parts and Industrial supplies.

"Well, poor Ted had an experience today driving back from Eden," the business posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

"He had a visitor on his car ... I would have jumped out the passenger side and left the car in the middle of the road."

The snake wrapped itself around the rearview mirror before being removed from the car. Source: SBS

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Published 11 January 2018 at 12:04pm
Source: AAP