How many people in Australia have been vaccinated against coronavirus?

Source: SBS News

Australia's COVID-19 vaccine program hasn't exactly gone to plan, with multiple setbacks slowing down the federal government's rollout. Here are the numbers.

When playful footage of a jersey-clad Scott Morrison and 84-year-old World War II survivor Jane Malysiak rolling up their sleeves was broadcast across the country, Australians had every reason to be hopeful the coronavirus pandemic might be coming to an end.

The prime minister declared it was a “historic day” for Australia as he “put his shoulder to the jab” to receive his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 21 February 2021

Australia had waited longer than other countries to start the rollout, told not to panic and assured the government had a comprehensive plan to vaccinate all eligible adults in Australia against COVID-19 by the end of October the same year.

Four million of us would be vaccinated by March, they said. 

Flash forward, and the government’s grand vaccine rollout hasn’t exactly gone to plan.

First, the government struggled to get its hands on vaccines, accusing the European Union of blocking the shipment of millions of AstraZeneca doses. Then, it was advised those under 50 should not get the AstraZeneca shot following the confirmation of a link to very rare blood clots. 

The federal government not only revised its initial vaccination timeline, but scrapped it completely, and the states and territories have now started to go their own way.

So where are we at?

The graph below shows the number of COVID-19 vaccination doses delivered in Australia and will be updated regularly.

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