The top Insight episodes to binge watch


The verdict is out - these were your favourite 2018 Insight episodes.

The numbers have been crunched - according to our viewers these are top Insight episodes of 2018.

From relationship scandals to exercise to unplanned pregnancy, what proved most popular with viewers was a mixed bag.

If you missed any of these episodes now is the perfect time to catch up as we head into the new year with a slate of new issues to be discussed.

1. How to Exercise

Insight invites Dr Michael Mosley and some of Australia’s leading exercise experts to dissect the most common messages around exercise and ask how do you know what’s best for you?


2. His Other Life

Insight explores the stories of five women who speak about discovering their partners’ other lives, and how they dealt with that deception.


3. Open Relationships

Insight asks couples and experts to ask if we're inherently monogamous or if we can successfully have multiple partners.


4. Unplanned

In this episode of Insight, we hear from a number of women and men whose one night stand, fling or ‘friends with benefits’ hook-up accidentally resulted in parenthood. But is a ‘Tinder surprise’ baby just a modern label for an age-old issue that many face at some stage of their lives - an unplanned pregnancy?


5. Dating After 60

The stereotypes of older people being ‘past it’ or no longer interested in dating or sex are smashed in this episode of Insight. This humorous and surprising episode examines what it’s like to look for love and companionship after the age of 60.


Source SBS Insight