Malcolm Turnbull blasts government's 'right-wing' over energy policy sabotage

Malcolm Turnbull attacked the government on Monday. Source: Getty

Malcolm Turnbull had harsh words for some in the Morrison government, the media and the coal lobby.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has blasted the "right wing" of the Morrison federal government for bringing down his signature energy policy, calling for it to be "reinstated now".

On Monday, a Twitter user challenged Mr Turnbull for only "calling for coherent energy policies now [he's] out of government".

The former PM responded by defending his proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG), which faced opposition in government ranks and was later ditched.

"The National Energy Guarantee was a coherent integration of climate and energy policy," he tweeted.

"It was sabotaged by the right-wing of the Coalition and their supporters in the media and coal lobby and finally abandoned by Morrison Government. It should be reinstated now."

The policy was intended to deal with rising energy prices as well as cutting emissions.

Mr Turnbull was later dumped as the leader and his successor Scott Morrison announced the NEG "is dead".

A power station in Victoria.
A power station in Victoria.

His comments came on the same day that former foreign minister Julie Bishop said Australia needed to show global leadership on climate change in response to the bushfire crisis.

"We don't have a national energy policy in this country and a national approach to climate change ... we are part of a global effort," she told the Nine Network.

"Countries do look to Australia for direction for guidance and leadership."

Malcolm Turnball during a final press conference before leaving Parliament in 2018.
Malcolm Turnball during a final press conference before leaving Parliament in 2018.

Mr Turnbull has spoken out against the government a number of times since he was ousted in 2018.

On ABC's Q&A in December, the former PM said the NEG had "dared to address cutting emissions" and become "the lever that the insurgents used to blow up the government".

"The Coalition has a fundamental problem in dealing with climate change because there is a group within the Liberal Party and the National Party who deny the reality of climate change," he said.

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