Scott Morrison wants to remove 'ridiculous' gender-inclusive toilet signs

Scott Morrison and the sign. Source: AAP, Twitter

The prime minister has been criticised for comments he made about departmental toilet signs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants his own department to remove gender-inclusive signage on toilet doors.

The sign, posted to Twitter by Nine network political editor Chris Uhlmann on Thursday, states the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet staff can "use the bathroom that best fits your gender identity".

It notes that the department is "committed to staff inclusion and diversity".

But when asked about the sign later on Thursday, Mr Morrison said: "I don't think this is necessary. I think people can work out which room to use".

Scott Morrison during the G7 summit.
Scott Morrison during the G7 summit.

"It's ridiculous ... It's political correctness over the top," he told 2GB Radio.

"I've got a pretty clear view about this and I'm sure this will be sorted."

Asked whether the signs would come down, Mr Morrison said: "That's what I expect".

It's not the first time Mr Morrison has expressed negative sentiments toward gender-inclusive or LGBTQIA+ initiatives.

Last year, he criticised a report saying teachers were being taught how to spot potentially transgender students.

And earlier this month, he called a decision to allow transgender and gender-diverse people play cricket at the highest level "heavy-handed" and "mystifying".

The prime minister's comments have prompted an outcry on social media, led by Labor's leader Anthony Albanese.

"The PM doesn't have a plan to deal with cost of living going up, living standards going down and wages going nowhere – but he has a plan to deal with this bathroom sign in an office building," Mr Albanese said.

"How is anyone meant to take this bloke seriously?"

Others on Twitter were similarly upset.

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