Bruce Campbell on Bill Clinton, The Evil Dead and zombie weddings

Bruce Campbell has been through some shit.

The B-movie king has had his arm cut off, been attacked by giant cockroaches, been sucked into a zombie anus and he was in Spider-Man 3.

Bruce and his world-class chin first came to fame three decades ago in the much-loved horror classic Evil Dead.

Since then, he has played a spy in Burn Notice, Elvis in Bubb Ho-Tep and President Ronald Reagan in the last series of Fargo.

But now he's back playing the role that launched him in the Stan series Ash Vs Evil Dead.

And fans are loving it, from B-movie loyalists right through to one of his biggest A-List supporters: former US President Bill Clinton.
Bruce 3
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"Well, I was in Miami and he was there raising some money for Haiti," Bruce says, recalling the first time he met Clinton several years ago.

"Finally he had some party... One of his guys came up to us - he knew who we were - and he said 'hey, a little tip: go to the end of the line because if you're at the head of the line he's going to blow right past you.

"'He's not going to stop and shoot the ball.'

"And we're like okay, whatever, he's not going to know who we are anyway. So we get about 20 people away and he looks over and goes 'oh hey man, hey! I love your show, I love your show'.

"We literally look behind us, like, he's talking about somebody else right?

"Then when we finally got up to meet him he sorta glows, a lot of those guys are very magnetic.

"Clinton supposedly if he's met you once, he knows your name forever."

In addition to all of his other work - from writing books to starring in TV and film - Campbell once married a couple in a zombie-themed wedding.

"I am an ordained minister, it's probably lapsed now," he says. 

"Somebody wanted to get married and they wanted me to marry them specifically.
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"The groom was a zombie and the bride was also a zombie but she was pregnant with a zombie baby coming out of her belly - emerging screaming from her belly.

"These are two people getting married. I remember thinking this couple is desecrating the institute of marriage, their poor family is what I thought.

"Then I look over and the father of the groom, he can't even sit down because he has a fake wooden spike going in one end and coming out the other.

"So I'm like oh, it's a family of freaks. It's a freak show."

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Published 10 November 2016 at 7:42pm
By Marc Fennell
Source: The Feed