This Aussie uni is offering a PhD scholarship in heavy metal music


Two scholarships are up for grabs.

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The University of Newcastle have put out a call for students interested in completing a PhD in heavy metal music, veganism, homelessness or unschooling.

Not only will you be able to delve into topics like the difference between Australian and Norwegian death metal or why everyone jumping on the vegan burger bandwagon - you’ll get paid to do it.

University of Newcastle’s Director of Human Geography, Simon Springer, is offering up living expenses to the tune of $27,956 for two domestic students to undertake PhDs in one of the topics.

The Feed asked Professor Springer, a recent Canadian import, how he settled on the four topics and the answer was pretty simple - it’s what he’s into.

“These are all areas of my personal research interest where I would like to expand my own research agenda,” Springer said.

My expectation is that students will choose one of these four fields, and not try to mesh them all together!

Let's be honest, it would be pretty impressive if someone could though.

Descriptions on what Professor Springer would like potential students to focus on in their PhDs have been posted to his website ‘Anarchist Geography’.

“Australia is uniquely positioned within this global evolution, owing to its historical connection to the United Kingdom and shared cultural affinities with its colonial originator,” the description reads. 

“While remote from the geographical heart of Heavy Metal culture, Australia has developed its own unique and passionate approach, producing a number of high profile bands.”

The program is open to students with a minimum of a BA Honours, and ideally a Master's degree in Geography or a related field.

Applications close on August 15th so if there’s any homeschool, vegan, heavy metal enthusiasts out there now is the time to make your voice heard.

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