Vaccine tracker: Who has had their COVID-19 jab in Australia?

Australia has been slower to get coronavirus vaccines in arms than initially expected, with the country's rollout impacted by delays. Here is the state-by-state data on how many people have been vaccinated and in which age groups. These graphics are automatically updated daily.

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A snapshot of the data in July 2021. Source: SBS News

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Australia is working to vaccinate its way out of the coronavirus pandemic, with jabs in arms driving a four-stage plan to reopen the country.

Under the proposed national cabinet roadmap announced in July 2021, Australia will need to reach unspecified vaccination thresholds to move into each new phase - with the fourth and final phase being "back to normal".

"If you get vaccinated, you get to change how we live as a country," Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said.

But the country's path to herd immunity has not been smooth, with the government's vaccine rollout besieged by delays. Here is where is the rollout is at now.

Vaccinations by state and territory

States and territories have varied in how they approach the vaccine rollout. Some, for example, moved early to open vaccination hubs, while others made younger age groups eligible for the jab.

The following graphic looks at the percentage of people aged 12 and over who are partially or fully vaccinated in each jurisdiction. People require two jabs to be fully vaccinated. 

Australia's vaccinated population by age and population size

The initial rollout largely prioritised older Australians, given their increased vulnerability to the worst effects of COVID-19. 

The following graphic shows the proportion of each age group that is partially or fully vaccinated across Australia.

The percentage of each age group vaccinated

Similarly, the following chart shows the percentage of each age group partially or fully vaccinated across the country.

Each jurisdiction's vaccinated population, aged 16+ 50+ and 70+

Presenting the data another way, this graphic shows which percentage of three broader age groups have been partially or fully vaccinated across Australia, and in which state or territory.

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Published 26 July 2021 at 3:28pm, updated 15 September 2021 at 3:51pm
By SBS News