Indigenous Australians have been looking to the heavens intuitively for direction from the Sun, Moon and stars for thousands of years. In Dreamtime astrology 2016 marks the year of the Lizard. Here are your Dreamtime animal signs and 'destiny' predictions for the coming year.

17 Dec 2015 - 10:08 AM  UPDATED 23 Dec 2015 - 1:15 PM

One of Australia’s foremost astrologers Milton Black worked with Aboriginal elder and direct descendant of Bennelong and Dreamtime story teacher, Ben Blakeny AO to create the Dreamtime zodiac system.

Before Mr Blakeny’s death in 1981, the pair produced the Dreamtime horoscopes and framework for future predictions in conjunction with the staff members of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Acton House (Canberra) and the National Library of Australia in Canberra to create Dreamtime horoscopes.

"This belongs to Australia. This is ‘our’ horoscope."

“We did a lot of research to get these Dreamtime stories done. Ben and I did three years of research on this zodiac and sought permission to make the Dreamtime horoscopes,” Mr Black told NITV.

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“I would say this is true Indigenous Australian predictions. This belongs to Australia. This is ‘our’ horoscope. This is what it is all about and covers both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.”


The Dreamtime astrology zodiac consists of centuries - old Aboriginal Dreamtime stories incorporated with modern constellation interpretation, as seen from Australian southern heavens and incorporating global axis.

The horoscope is written month-by-month from beginning to end, including leap years.

In Dreamtime astrology 2016 is the year of the Lizard, guided by the star Arcturus. The Wotjobaluk Koori people knew it as Marpean-kurrk, mother of Djuit, the sign to harvest.

Learn your 'Dreamtime destiny' for 2016 by searching for your birthday and animal group below.

Born between 1-31 January: Possum

DESTINY: Mixing business with pleasure could pay dividends. Investments, savings plans, insurance or loans are favoured and your mind will be in full swing for doing something different from your normal routine.

A more realistic attitude will be undertaken with all your business and personal activities. Home and family ties may require a reorganisation, children will excite and you will be pleased with their development. Travel and fun combines well.

Born between 1-29 February: Bat

DESTINY: You should be alert and ready to change direction at a moment’s notice. Budgetary matters will be important to you.

You may improve property, buy and sell real estate or start a new business venture.

Push ahead with important financial goals, speculation and gains are indicated. Hobbies, outdoor interests and sport are favoured. Family matters bring happy surprises or news or a birth. A year to venture out.

"You may improve property, buy and sell real estate or start a new business venture."

Born between 1-31 March: Bandicoot

DESTINY: An excellent year for all social occasions, amusements, entertainment or enjoying leisure activities or the arts.

You may decide to expand your lifestyle or plan an overseas journey. Many exciting and interesting benefits may come your way. Push ahead with your goals, this is a period of harmony and fidelity.

Many fixations that you really long for could be achieved with positive thinking and determination. Good fortune is on your side.

Born between 1-30 April: Dingo

DESTINY: Making profound changes in your goals and projects for the future are favoured. Generating new expectations will be easy for you.

You may go overboard with your purchases, especially travel, beautiful clothing, personal adornments, improving health, or weight reducing programs. Joint finances and resources receive a boost and you may receive an exciting new opportunity through clubs or cultural activities. Many personal and group goals will be reached.

Born between 1-31 May: Wombat

DESTINY: Your friends’ influence will be extremely helpful and you will be able to count on the favours from many of them.

Your powers of communication are now in high gear and you will have the green light to proceed ahead with many activities you have on your mind.

Enterprise connected with beauty, home furnishings and cultural activities, further education or training may attract you. Finances improve through cooperative joint affairs.

Born between 1-30 June: Platypus

DESTINY: Big news is on the way that may alter your future in ways you wouldn’t believe. Fortunate trends influence entertainment, sport, family, luck and travel.

Now is the time to push ahead with your hopes, desires and wishes, opportunities are an abundance.

Many changes will be taking place in or around your domestic front, finances, property or real estate matters are profitable and your family circle becomes more secure.

Born between 1-31 July: Koala 

DESTINY: You may come up with a new creative insight on how to make money or spend money on beautifying your dwelling, therefore improving its value.

An excellent year for receiving guests from interstate or overseas or taking that long journey with your family.

Now is the time to ask for financial favours from bankers, money matters are extremely favoured. Wonderful changes are envisaged, make the most of this year.

Born between 1-31 August: Crocodile

DESTINY: Many happy surprises will be in store, negotiating loans, buying or selling real estate or clearing away debt is on your mind. New plans, propositions and opportunities should not be postponed, action is recommended.

An important link with providence is about to take place. Social contacts and opportunities will be hectic and you make new friends. Your new interests are developing, don’t underestimate yourself and listen to your inner voice. 

"Your new interests are developing, don’t underestimate yourself and listen to your inner voice."

Born between 1-30 September: Lizard

DESTINY: Attracting what you need and letting the world come to you will be easy for you. An excellent cycle for new plans and projects, trust your intuition, when it comes to investment, business changes, money and security. Devote some time to yourself instead of spending most of your time meeting the needs of others. Investment openings and new financial ventures will appeal to you, long-term benefits are guaranteed.

Born between 1-31 October: Emu

DESTINY: You will stimulate the flow of ideas and communication in your life and rapid success in your daily routine will surprise you. Legal matters, financial transactions, investments, buying, selling or trading brings substantial gains and your material security will be on the increase. Travel to faraway places introduces an array of happiness, variety and change. Study or specialised training in a field of endeavour of your choice, brings success.

Born between 1-30 November: Echidna

DESTINY: Your positive outlook on life may help activate an increase in wealth or arouse your desire to build greater financial security.  New opportunities await you with much diversity to keep you busy. You will show others how to make money and how to save it for a rainy day. Financial opportunities and speculation are yours for the taking. Don’t neglect your share of duties, others will be depending on you. 

Born between the 1-31 December: Kangaroo

DESTINY: Be ambitious, turn your hobbies or interests into a career. Gains through writing, advertising or marketing may attract you. Finances improve through a stroke of good luck, a year of good fortune when things open up in a very natural way for you. Situations are almost tailor-made and it will be easy to see which path is the one to take. Expect surprise news regarding new beginnings and challenges.