• The 3KND 1503 AM radio station. (Preston News Limited Leader Newspaper/Kylie Else)Source: Preston News Limited Leader Newspaper/Kylie Else
The first Top 100 Indigenous playlist is set to rock Melbourne airwaves on 26 January, says a community radio station in Victoria.
Andrea Booth

25 Jan 2016 - 3:55 PM  UPDATED 26 Jan 2016 - 12:13 PM

Melbourne’s only Indigenous radio station 3KND (Kool 'N' Deadly 1503AM) is playing a unique Top 100 compilation on January 26.

The playlist which will kick off at 11.00am AEST was created to celebrate some of the best music from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the last 50 years, says station manager Jim Remedio.

“It’s never been attempted before” said Mr Remedio.  

“So we’re breaking ground in many ways to inspire our mob to feel good on the day.”

Mr Remedio hopes the playlist will be a reccurring event.

The radio station has not ranked any of the chosen one hundred songs. A 3KND spokesperson told NITV News that it is "impossible to choose from such a pool of talent."

“Do we start with Bart Willoughby’s ‘We Have Survived’ or Youth Yindi’s ‘Treaty Now’?”,  said 3KND's Erica Higgins.

“It’s really hard to decide because they’re all our favourites.”

Instead, she hopes wider Australia can learn more about Indigenous music and history through the initiative.

Featured artists include: Troy Cassar-Daley, Tiddas, Yothu Yindi, Jimmy Little, Christine Anu, Coloured Stone, Archie Roach, B2M, Casey Donovan, and Tjintu Desert Band among many more.

Listeners can tune in on 3KND 1503AM, KND Digital or at 3knd.org.au. They are encouraged to vote for their Top 5 on the 3KND Facebook page.