• Daryl and Aidan, the pilots of the microlights (motorkites). (Facebook/Catherine Leo Photography)Source: Facebook/Catherine Leo Photography
A group of amateur adventurers are flying a hybrid motorbike-kite from Adelaide to Broome. It's enough to give their parents a heart-attack, but seamlessly 'wow' audiences all the same.
NITV Staff Writers

5 Dec 2016 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 5 Dec 2016 - 3:40 PM

Motorkite Dreaming, an adventurous documentary, follows two mates, their fiancés and a support team as they complete a daring flight across 4000 KM of outback Australia. On their journey, they will visit over 20 Aboriginal language groups, offering the opportunity to share their unique experience with the oldest living cultures on Earth.

Motorkite Dreaming airs (pun intended) on tonight at 7:30pm on NITV, but before lift-off, take a moment to meet the team who will be going on this amazing adventure. 

Aidan Glasby

Remote Area Nurse & Shipwright

A spirited explorer, Aidan’s commitment to health and adventure has seen him sail to Indonesia, build a medical clinic in Ethiopia, and work in many outback Indigenous communities.


Daryl Clarke

Technology guru, musician, gardener

A philosopher and peace-maker, laidback Daryl has travelled throughout Australia and the world, searching for culture, education and a challenge.


Lexi Keneally

Remote Area Nurse

Resilient and determined, Lexi is no stranger to the challenges of the Outback – but this time she’s got a stowaway: Lexi is three months pregnant.


Elsie Clarke

Paediatric Nurse

Elsie embarked on Motorkite Dreaming as her first Outback experience, eager to draw on her professional skills as a paediatric nurse, and travel experience ranging from Tonga to Nepal.


Charlie Hill-Smith

Filmmaker, cartoonist and comedian

Charlie has a passion for making cross-cultural films, including the award-winning Strange Birds in Paradise, and jumped at the chance to join his old mate Aidan on the adventure of a lifetime across the heartland of Australia.


Carroll Karpany

Rock legend, Arts and business expert

Former member of the seminal Aboriginal reggae/rock band Us Mob, Carroll went on to a long career in business and the arts. A Ngarrindjerri man, Carroll and his mate Bart are the trip’s cultural liaisons and camp bosses.


Bart Sansbury

Audio wiz, Fisherman, Traditional Owner

Vietnam veteran Bart has been Carroll’s audio mixer for decades, since their days on the frontline of Aboriginal activism in the tumultuous 70s and 80s. Bart is a Traditional Owner of the Narunga Nation.



Chief support dog

Mylo is a six-year old miniature dingo who doesn’t bark. A source of solace and companionship for all, Mylo was a treasured member of the team, who was only chased by a goanna once during the 10-week voyage.


This is the flight path that the Motorkite Dreaming team will journey.



Motorkite Dreaming airs tonight at 7.30pm on NITV Ch. 34

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