• Meet NITV's toughest critic - 6-year-old Ruby (Supplied)Source: Supplied
They say you should never work with children or animals, but NITV couldn't resist a review from our youngest contributor.
Ruby the Climate Kid

8 May 2017 - 3:56 PM  UPDATED 8 May 2017 - 4:14 PM

Meet Ruby, the 6-year-old Gomeroi girl who stole the hearts of the Internet with her social media presence as Ruby the Climate Kid. 

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Meet Ruby the Climate Kid - a Gomeroi girl fiercely passionate about saving the planet
Six-year-old year old Ruby will never get to see her favourite animal, the Black Rhino, because it was made extinct by humans. Ruby wants to make sure no one else's favourite animals are wiped out.

But this time, rather than scrutinising government policies on tackling climate change and campaigning for more wildlife conservation, young Ruby is giving her two cents about NITV's new children's animation, Little J & Big Cuz


Season 1, Ep. 1 – 'Lucky Undies'

Little J’s new undies made him lucky. He scared the cranky Maggie and then got to play in the big kids’ basketball game. He even found a dollar.

After, the dog ripped his undies off the line while they were drying and chew them up, Little J was stressed out because he thought he wasn’t going to be lucky anymore. Big Cuz saved the day when she weaved the undies into a sweat band before the basketball game. The sweat band fell off though before an important shot, but it didn’t matter, Little J scored and realised he didn’t need the luck undies.

My favourite part was the green snot experiment – it made me laugh and I think it would feel gross, but I want to do the experiment myself at home.


Season 1, Episode 2 – Wombat Rex

Nanna was telling the kids about giant wombats but they are gone now, which means extinct. Big Cuz is cheeky though and makes big feet to leave giant wombat tracks and tricks Little J into thinking they’re not extinct.

Big Cuz laughs and goes home after she makes wombat noises and tricks Little J and Levi into thinking that there’s a giant wombat nearby, but the boys keep tracking it and come across a giant wombat jaw bone so they rush and to get tools to dig it out.

Nanna gets angry because the kids were wandering without an adult and makes Big Cuz admit she was tricking Little J and Levi. They still want to dig out the bone but Big Cuz said that he should stay where he is. Nanna agreed because he’s 'part of country' now, so instead of taking the bone to school to show their mates, the class came to see the bone.

This article was written by 6-year-old Ruby, with grammatical and spelling assistance from her Mum. Like the content? Follow the author @theclimatekid

Watch Little J & Big Cuz weekdays @ 4pm and Fridays 7.30pm on NITV Ch. 34, or streaming at nitv.org.au/littlejbigcuz

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