• The far-right speakers in Sydney. (AAP)Source: AAP
Canadian far-right pair Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern made the degrading comments at a speaking event in Sydney on Friday, which was live-tweeted by an audience member.
Douglas Smith

30 Jul 2018 - 11:18 AM  UPDATED 30 Jul 2018 - 4:05 PM

The controversial speakers finished their Australian tour in front of a large Australian audience, where they mocked Aboriginal culture and launched a tirade against multiculturalism and Islam, according to an audience member.

The event was live-tweeted by Simon Copland, an SBS freelance writer who sat at the back of the crowd. 

As he tweeted what was said, he apologised for the "epic racist stuff" Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern told the sold-out audience in Sydney.

However, it wasn’t just the speech given by both speakers that appalled him, but the way in which the Australian crowd responded.

The offensive comments painted a dehumanising depiction of Indigenous Australians, in keeping with the extreme views of these far-right, self-appointed commentators. 

Mr Molyneux is known for his controversial theories that link race with IQ, denying that this is racism.

"They say that your ancestors tried to steal the land. I say they were trying to stop infanticide and mass rape... I will not honour this culture," he told the crowd, according to Mr Copland.

The duo's Australian public speaking tour sparked a 200 strong protest in Melbourne, which was met by Victoria Police in full riot gear.

Far-right supporters said they provided 'security and other staffing' for the Melbourne event, and posted a photo online posing with Lauren Southern on a group's Facebook page.

To prevent similar protests, the event location was not publicised ahead of the Sydney talk, with ticket holders receiving a text on the day.

The speakers sprouted mistruths about Indigenous culture in Australia - including about a bizarre punishment for children involving ants nests, which prompted one audience member to yell, "Stop it - I'm getting aroused".

Mr Molyneux said he believes there is no Treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because they sit at "the lowest rung of civilisation".

This included discrediting the history of massacres of Aboriginal people in Australia.  

Mr Molyneux reportedly went on to say that he would publish an essay on the history of Aboriginal culture based on his talk.

Ms Southern followed with her extreme views on Islam and multiculturalism, and when she brought up US President Donald Trump's name, there were big cheers in the crowd. 

"If we are going to really have multiculturalism, does that mean we're going to have witch doctors at our medical conferences?" Ms Southern said.

A close friend of far-right polemicist speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ms Southern visited Sydney's Western suburb of Lakemba on Friday afternoon before the event, where she was filmed in front of a mosque being told to leave by NSW Police.

The pair are set to enter New Zealand this week, but promoters will not confirm which venue has agreed to host them. 

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