The #KooriKnockout is well and truly underway at Apex Oval in Dubbo, here are the results and some stand out performances from Day 1.
Grayson McCarthy-Grogan

29 Sep 2018 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 29 Sep 2018 - 6:11 PM

It’s that time of year again. New South Wales mob from all over get together to celebrate our culture and enjoy a great weekend of footy.

On Friday, families and supporters started rocking up as early as 7.30am, getting a good seat for those 8.30am games.

As someone who hasn’t been to a Knockout before, it was truly special to see how much pride is taken in the game from the Under-12 grades all the way to the Women's. The Day 1 talent and skill on show yesterday really gets you excited for the rest of the weekend.


Gray’s Picks 

My favourite game of the day has to go to the Under-15s Western Sydney United verses Maitland United. You could see clearly that both teams wanted to win as badly as the other, resulting non-stop hits, try after try and some of the best footwork and speed out there. Western Sydney United came out on top with a last minute try to end the match at 18-16.


Womens Matches

The Womens games were absolutely phenomenal and set a pretty high standard for the rest of the weekend.

The Moree Boomerangs verses Gular Giddyurais was unreal, not only because of the players' skill, but also the crowd engagement. You could see a real passion for community.

Like Owen Craigie said, these Women's matches at the Knockout are the reason behind starting the Women's competition in the NRL. I agree with him one hundred per cent and it would be really deadly to see these mob make that comp.

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You can see the players run out there with their heart on their sleeve, they smash it out through every run and show no fear with each tackle.

The flair in the Newcastle Yowies is going to be hard to beat so keep your eye on them, but don’t knock the other Semi-Finalists; Redfern All Blacks, Wellington Wedgetails and Castlereagh All Blacks who all had convincing wins throughout the day.

As it stands, I don’t think you can pick who’s gonna take out the Women's trophy this year but their Semi-Final games are a must watch.



The Knockout Footy that you always hear about was very much alive yesterday, from Under-12s I've got to give a shout out to Wiradjuri United who played so deadly all day; and in particular, the little Halfback that had the yellow first receiver bib on at the start of the game against the Newcastle Emus. He might have been one of the smallest fullahs out there but right from the kick-off, that didn’t stop him. He had three tackles under his belt in the first set and he started it with a textbook tackle on a bloke twice his size and that's the kind of play you love to see out there.

So hats off to him, but also to all the players in those Junior games, they all went hard out and gave 110 per cent in every second of the game. Some real potential across all grades and it’s just such a pleasure to watch.



I've got to give a mention to the Under 17s Combined Countries verses South Coast United Next Generation match. The game had countless big hits and the tension heated up in the end with a bit of a scuffle between the two teams after the siren had sounded.



The last stand out game for me before I get into the results was the Under-15s 2829 Boys verses Moree Boomerangs. The 2829 Boys hit the ground running with the right attitude and aggression but went a little bit too far and got some early warning for a dangerous tackle. From then on it was a brutal tug of war with both sides going at each other but in the end the 2829 Boys came out on top with the 10-8 victory.

Below are the results from Day 1 and be sure to tune in to all the action from the Friday and Saturday games on NITV’s YouTube and Facebook also don’t forget that games will be running on air from 9am Sunday and Monday on SBS and NITV (Ch. 34).


Day 1 Results*




Round 1

Gomeroi Allstars 32 | 06 Redfern All Blacks

Castlereagh Connection 14 | 00 Dubbo Apollo Estate Black Astronauts

Goodooga Magpies 30 | 06 Kamilaroi Galamaay’s

Moree Boomerangs 36 | 00 Bundaburrah Warigals

Kempsey United 10 | 04 Koori Birray United


Round 2

Condobolin Sandhill Googars 00 | 38 Butucarbin Warriors

Gulargambone Rovers 10 | 24 Mindaribba Warriors

Newcastle Emus 10 | 30 Wiradjuri United

Kempsey Sharks 28 | 10 Terry Hie Hie Connection

La Perouse Panthers 22 | 04 Yellowbelly Buraaygalang

Narwan 16 | 06 Goodooga Magpies

Moree Boomerangs 26 | 10 Kempsey United

Redfern All Blacks 12 | 6 Castlereagh Connection


Round 3

Butucarbin Warriors 28 | 14 Mindaribba Warriors

Wiradjuri United 22 | 00 Redfern All Blacks

Kempsey Sharks 04 | 12 La Perouse Panthers

Narwan 30 | 10 Moree Boomerangs




Round 1

Bathurst Young Mob 00 | 34 La Perouse Panthers

Wiradjuri United 10 | 08 Queanbeyan Canberra United

Redfern City 00 | 28 Newcastle Emus

Gomeroi Allstars 36 | 06 Kempsey Dunghutti Brothers


Round 2

Blacktown Western Warriors 00 | 32 Cabbage Tree Island

Dubbo Apollo Estate Black Astronauts 00 | 60 Kempsey Sharks

Goodooga Magpies 34 | 06 Goodooga Magpies ARLFC

Butucarbin Warriors 06 | 16 2829 Boys

Kempsey United 04 | 06 Moree Boomerangs

La Perouse Panthers 22 | 06 Wiradjuri United

Western Sydney United 18 | 16 Maitland United

Newcastle Emus 10 | 06 Gomeroi Allstars


Round 3

Cabbage Tree Island 00 | 22 Kempsey Sharks

Goodooga Magpies 04 | 10 La Perouse Panthers

2829 Boys 10 | 08 Moree Boomerangs

Western Sydney United 04 | 16 Newcastle Emus




Round 1

Queanbeyan Canberra United 06 | 24 Kirinari Brothers United

Koori Brother United – Dallas Clayton Memorial 06 | 34 Wiradjuri United

Orange United 10 | 16 Tingha Native Tigers


Round 2

Campbelltown Ghosts 16 | 06 Castlereagh All Blacks

Kempsey Sharks 16 | 12 Newcastle Emus

Redfern City 04 | 16 Maitland United

Kempsey Dunghutti Brothers 04 | 30 Western Koori Eels

Mungindi Grasshoppers 16 | 08 Hannah McGrady Memorial

Combined Countries 08 | 00 South Coast United Next Generation

Gomeroi Roos 04 | 28 Kirinari Brothers United

Wiradjuri United 22 | 18 Tingha Native Tigers


Round 3

Campbelltown Ghosts 04 | 22 Kempsey Sharks

Maitland United 12 | 24 Kirinari Brothers United

Western Koori Eels 24 | 04 Mungindi Grasshoppers

Combined Countries 10 | 11 Wiradjuri United




Round 1

Western Sydney United 18 | 06 Nanima Common Connection


Round 2

Maitland United 12 | 10 Yuin Fitt

Wellington Wedgetails 34 | 06 Central West Mob

Moree Boomerangs 00 | 16 Gular Giddyurais

Shoalhaven Sharks 18 | 00 Bhawaa Miyaay

Taree Biripi Sharks 00 | 40 Castlereagh All Blacks

Newcastle Yowies 22 | 04 Western Sydney United

Redfern All Blacks 08 | 00 Nambucca Valley Rams

Western Sydney Red Belly Blacks 20 | 00 Campbelltown Ghosts


Round 3

Maitland United 00 | 24 Wellington Wedgetails

Shoalhaven Sharks 00 | 28 Castlereagh All Blacks

Gular Giddyurais 00 | 42 Redfern All Blacks

Western Sydney Red Belly Blacks 04 | 12 Newcastle Yowies


*All scores from the KO app.



The Koori Knockout will be live on NITV (Ch. 34) on Sunday 30 September from 9am-5.30pm and live on both NITV and SBS Monday 1 October from 9am - 5.30pm

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #KooriKnockout. Replays will be available via SBS On Demand after broadcast.

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