Activists at Deebing Creek celebrate as they walk back onto the protest site, but say it's just one small win in a much bigger fight.
Keira Jenkins

8 Mar 2019 - 5:11 PM  UPDATED 8 Mar 2019 - 5:24 PM

Activists at Deebing Creek are rejoicing after walking back onto a site where they have been protesting a proposed housing development, near Ipswich, Queensland.

They’ve been camping on the site since January, attempting to stop a 925-house estate from going ahead near the old Deebing Creek mission and cemetery.

Earlier this week, protesters had their camping gear confiscated by police attempting to move them on, but the group stood their ground, barricading the road.

Last night, the protestors met with developers and received the go-ahead to return to the site.

'Disgraceful': police presence angers Deebing Creek protestors
Activists at Deebing Creek say they won't leave the proposed development site without a fight, despite police efforts to move them.

Earlier today, the activists were jubilant, setting up camp after what Aunty Roberta Graham described as one small win in a much bigger fight.

“We’re gonna get Deebing Creek back, you better believe it,” she said. “But this is just the start of the fight. They’re gonna bring our truck back and all our possessions back. We’re moving back in.

“I’m excited. I’m so excited. It’s like winning the golden lotto. That’s how happy I am.”

Ipswich Elder Aunty Faye Carr said she couldn’t sleep last night, anticipating setting the camp up this morning.

“I can’t believe it but we’re back in,” she said. “I don’t know how I feel. I’ll be glad when the police and everything are out and our stuff is back there and we can go back in and have our meetings where we should be having them - on our tribal lands.”

The group walked back onto the site, celebrating with a corroboree.

But not everyone was convinced the news was worth celebrating.

Yuggera woman, Karen Coghill said she was "pretty happy", but remains wary until the court decides the fate of Deebing Creek.

“They don’t determine my happiness,” she said. “But until we get our lands handed back over I’m not going to rest.”

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