• Kriol Kitchen Season 4 starts on 23 October. (Wawili Pitjas Films/NITV )Source: Wawili Pitjas Films/NITV
Chilli mud crab, kangaroo tail stew and freshly smoked oysters, all on Western Australian coastline. This new season of Kriol Kitchen is as visually stunning as it is mouth-watering.
NITV Staff Writers

3 Oct 2019 - 10:12 PM  UPDATED 3 Oct 2019 - 10:12 PM

Sitting high on the red cliffs of Whalesong, WA, sisters and beloved cooking hosts, Ali and Mitch Torres meet Lenny O'Meara and his wife Jacinta who run a unique bush restaurant on the picturesque coast. 

The Torres' are taken to Lenny's secret fishing spots and experience his vibrant homegrown vegetables, both of which are at the heart of his business. 

This is just one of Kriol Kitchen's new episodes of their fourth series that will inspire audiences and celebrate Indigenous cuisine.

Once again Ali and Mitch are hitting the road, bringing together Country, culture and mouth-watering home-style recipes.

The foodies, who specialise in Indigenous flavours and traditional cooking, take their audience on a once in an adventure as they delve into the special world of local Kriol cuisine. Travailing the spectacular saltwater, river and desert Countries of the West Australian coastline. 

The 7-part series is a celebration of the eclectic influences on local life and food culture. From prevailing age-old Indigenous customs to cosmopolitan blends, their featured dishes promise to capture the imagination and delight the senses with recipes that share in the vitality of the Kimberley region and its entertaining characters.

This season will also welcome chef, author and television presenter Adam Liaw who will join the Torres' for an episode, as he learns the intricacies of Kriol cooking. 

NITV Channel Manager, Tanya Orman says the channel excited to welcome back the long-running cooking show.

"The Torres’ are guaranteed to not only bring us incredible cuisine," she said. "But also a beautiful insight into the western coastline and the Kimberley.”

From Mud Crabs to Kangaroo tails, this series of Kriol Kitchen will not only inspire viewers to cook up a storm, experience the uniqueness of WA; its food, culture, people and landscapes.


Kriol Kitchen airs Wednesdays, 8pm on NITV from 23 October.

Episodes will be available after broadcast on SBS On Demand.