• Bundjalung Baygal Warriors had an anticipated game against Bourke Warriors. (NITV)Source: NITV
Day Three saw the mens' teams battle it out through Rounds Two, Three and Four in order to make it through to the semi-finals on Monday.
Brooke Fryer

6 Oct 2019 - 11:10 PM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2019 - 11:10 PM

The Newcastle All Blacks (NAB) have been knocked out of the 49th NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout after losing to the Googars 10-12 in round two on Sunday 

Day Three saw the mens' teams compete in Rounds Two, Three and Four, battling it out to do their communities proud at the finals on Monday.  

After what was a promising defeat in Round One on Saturday against the Toomelah Tigers, where NAB took out the game in an impressive 42-0 win, there were high hopes that the defending Knockout champions would make it all the way through to the final.  

As the team that took out last year's title, they are hosting this year's event in partnership with the Central Coast Council at the Central Coast Regional Sporting and Recreation Complex. 

The most anticipated game of the day had hundreds of people lining the fence cheering in support for the Bundjalung Baygel Warriors, featuring NRL South-Sydney Rabbitohs star Cody Walker, verses. the Bourke Warriors.  

With less than 15-minutes left, the teams were neck and neck sitting on twelve points each until Steven Walker, number eight of the Bundjalung Baygel Warriors, scored a try, seeing them off to Round Three later in the day. 


Cody Walker spoke with NITV after the game, saying it was fueled with “great intensity" but all a part of the “great atmosphere" that comes with playing at the Koori Knockout.  

Cultural adviser for Bourke Warriors and former player, Robert Knight, said the loss won't stop them from returning to the Koori Knockout next year.  

"I’m so disappointed, we fought right till the end and unfortunately it wasn't our day,” Mr Knight told NITV News.  

There are young players, but as they grow into a team and stick together in the next few years to come we will have to take the knockout out.”  

Notable NRL players representing their communities on the field today included Josh Addo-Carr, Josh Kerr and Nathan Merritt playing for the Waterloo Storm 1, Jesse Ramien playing for the Castlereigh All Blacks and Ash Taylor playing for the Newcastle Yowies. 




Teams going into the semi-finals are the Griffith Three Ways UnitedWaterloo StormSouth CoastBlack Cockatoos and Dindima 


Men's day three results:  


Round Two  

Wellington Wedgetails 10 – 14 Griffith Three Ways United 

Gundungurra Gonnas 0 - 18 Leonie Butchy Drew Memorial  

Newcastle All Blacks 10 – 12 Googars 

Tingha Warriors 4 – 26 Castlereagh All Blacks  

Waterloo Storm 1 18 – 4 Wiradjuri Aboriginal Rivers  

Walgett Aboriginal Connection 10 – 2 Toomelah Tigers 1  

Tin Town Warriors 10 – 20 Wiradjuri Warriors  

Newcastle Emus 16 – 18 Nanma Common Connection  

Moree Boomerangs 1 18 –6 Tweed Connections  

Dindima 24 – 16 Kempsey Dungutti Brothers  

Narrandera Wiradjuri Warriors 14 – 10 Dubbo Pacemakers  

Barwon United Swans 10 – 12 Maitland United  

Bundjalung Baygal Warriors 16 – 12 Bourke Warriors  

Newcastle Yowies 14 – 6 Mindaribba Warriors  

South Coast Black Cockatoos 6 – 0 Hunter Wayila  

Goodooga Magpies 26 –12 Gilganda Sand Goannas  


Round Three  

Griffith Three Ways United 22 – 12 Leonie Butchy Drew Memorial  

Googars 12 – 18 Castlereagh All Blacks  

Waterloo Storm 1 6 – 0 Walgett Aboriginal Connection  

Wiradjuri Warriors 10 –26 Nanima Common Connection  

Moree Boomerangs 1 10 – 12 Dindima  

Bundjalung Baygal Warriors – Newcastle Yowies  

South Coast Black Cockatoos 26 – 0 Goodooga Magpies  

Narrandera Wiradjuri Warriors 18 – 0 Maitland United  


Round Four  

Griffith Three Ways United 20 Castlereigh All Blacks  

Waterloo Storm 16 – 12 Nanima Common Connection  

Bundjalung Baygal Warriors 16 20 South Coast Black Cockatoos  

Narrandera Wiradjuri Warriors 12 – 18 Dindima