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They’re back! Miranda Tapsell and Deborah Mailman return to TV with Season Two of the Logie award-winning series Little J & Big Cuz.
NITV Staff Writer

16 Dec 2019 - 11:25 AM  UPDATED 16 Dec 2019 - 11:28 AM

NITV is proud to announce the return of Australia's first children’s Indigenous animation series Little J & Big Cuz, featuring the voices of well-known Indigenous actors Miranda Tapsell (Little J) and Deborah Mailman (Big Cuz).

Set in a non-descript pan-Australia, where the gaps in a ramshackled backyard fence lead to Saltwater, Desert and Freshwater Country, 'Little J' and his older cousin 'Big Cuz' are a couple of Indigenous Australian kids living with their Nanna and beloved "Old Dog".

The pair are busy with the ups and downs of playground and classroom, there’s always something surprising going on whether it’s at school, in the backyard... or beyond. With the help of Nanna and their teacher Ms Chen, Little J and Big Cuz are love exploring culture, community and Country.

In 2018, Season One took a Logie for Most Outstanding Children’s Program — NITV's very first Logie — Tapsell accepted the award, passionately stating, "we are just so excited for it to be recognised for the important role that it plays in children's television for our mob and for all of you too." 

It's time to let the adventures begin once again, Little J & Big Cuz Season Two will premiere on NITV, Friday 10 January, airing weekly. Episodes will be available on SBS On Demand, as well as, NITV’s interactive Little J & Big Cuz webpage after broadcast.


School Readiness 

As the new school year approaches, Little J & Big Cuz will continue to learn and grow in their exciting world. And as they do, the living rooms and classrooms of Australia can join them.

The show teaches children and families the importance of school and an understanding of how school works, what is expected of them and what they should expect from educational institutions. To be "school ready" is to have the development of foundation literacy and numeracy skills, engagement in learning and having a positive attitude towards education and school.

Little J & Big Cuz is a joint production by several organisations including, The Australian Council for Education Research (ACER), NITV, Ned Lander Media, the Secretariat for Aboriginal and Islander Childcare (SNAICC), Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Tasmania, made to prepare children  specifically Indigenous children  between the ages of three to six-years-old for school life.

The series is supported by resources for educators and outreach materials that provide learning opportunities for children, families and school communities in-home to school transitioning.


See yourself on screen

NITV Channel Manager, Tanya Orman, says that it’s vital for all Aussie kids to see themselves represented on TV.

"This program is incredibly relatable for children across the country. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to weave strong educational and social impact messages together in such an entertaining show,” she said. 

Series One was translated from English into six Indigenous languages, reaching more communities than ever before. And next year, even more languages are to be incorporated, including Noongar, Torres Strait Creole, Warlpiri, Palawa kani, Gija and Wiradjuri.


NITV would like to pay its respects to Ningali Lawford-Wolf’s, who voiced Nanna, family and Community following her passing. Her family stated, “Her career was a big part of who she was, and she would have wanted to continue to share her work”.

Episode 13 will be in memoriam, commemorating Ningali’s contribution to Little J & Big Cuz and the incredible life she lived.


Little J & Big Cuz will air on NITV Fridays, premiering on 10 January at 7.30pm.

It will be available on NITV’s interactive Little J & Big Cuz webpage as well as SBS on Demand following broadcast.