• In an exclusive interview with NITV News, Mr Yumbulul said the letter goes against and misrepresents his beliefs. (ABC News)Source: ABC News
EXCLUSIVE: Yolngu Elder and Warramiri Tribal Chief Terry Yumbulul issues his signed statement in relation to a letter published in the blog of News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt and falsely attributed to his name.
Jack Latimore

28 Jan 2020 - 1:43 AM  UPDATED 28 Jan 2020 - 1:43 AM

The senior Yolngu Elder whose name was attributed to a letter published by News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt has issued a signed statement addressing the matter.

In a statement supplied to NITV News on Tuesday, Terry Yumbulul, a Yolgnu Warramiri Tribal Chief says that he was not the author of the letter published by Mr Bolt and contained in a blog post by the columnist on January 26.

"The statements attributed to me in that article, 'Yolngu Now Denounce this Aboriginal Historian Too’, are incorrect," Mr Yumbulul states.

"The words attributed to me criticising other Aboriginal leaders are also false. I made no such remarks.

"As a senior Yolngu elder, I can only speak alongside Yolngu clan nations of East Arnhem, and not for or on behalf of other First Nations clans."

Letter revealed to contain paragraphs lifted from academic papers and websites
Social media users reveal that paragraphs in a letter purportedly written by a senior Yolngu Elder and published in a NewsCorp blog by columnist Andrew Bolt can be found near verbatim in an unrelated website and an academic paper.

In an exclusive interview with NITV News on Monday morning, Mr Yumbulul said that he was contacted by businesswoman Josephine Cashman regarding elements contained in the letter published by Bolt, but emphasised that he did not author the letter.

Mr Yumbulul took issue with several aspects of the letter published by Bolt and attributed to his name.

For example, the letter contained spelling errors that Mr Yumbulul said he would not make and contained a claim that Ms Cashman was bestowed with a leadership role within the "Yolgna" [sic] community. 

EXCLUSIVE: Yolngu Elder did not author letter
EXCLUSIVE: Yolngu Warramiri Tribal Chief says he did not author a letter attributed to him in a column published by Newscorp columnist, Andrew Bolt, on Sunday.