• JC died in September 2019 following an encounter with WA Police in Geraldton, Western Australia. (AAP)Source: AAP
A police officer has been charged with murder over the fatal shooting of Yamatji woman Joyce Clarke following his arrest in Geraldton on Thursday morning.
20 Feb 2020 - 5:34 PM  UPDATED 20 Feb 2020 - 5:34 PM

A Western Australian police officer has fronted a Perth magistrates court for the murder of Yamatji mother, Joyce Clarke, who was fatally shot in September last year.

The police officer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested on Thursday morning, five months after the fatal shooting of Ms Clarke and taken to Perth from Geraldton.

The officer appeared before the Perth's Magistrates Court on Thursday afternoon, the accused appeared in a bail hearing soon after and was granted bail and is expected to return to court on March 25. 

Ms Clarke’s mother, Anne Jones said she still has hope for justice for her daughter.

“I’ve been told that I cannot say anything that might influence a trial but I’m glad that steps have been taken to bring justice for Joyce,” Ms Jones said.

“The whole Aboriginal community will watch this process with great interest,” she said.

Her lawyer George Newhouse from the National Justice Project said he hopes Ms Jones receives the justice she deserves.

"Anne Jones has conducted herself with dignity throughout this traumatic and extended process. All she can do now is hope that there is a just outcome for her and her daughter,” Mr Newhouse said.

Last September, the Yamatji mother was fatally shot by an office on route to a call out in Geraldton, four hours north of Perth.

Ms Clarke was taken to Geraldton regional hospital for a gunshot wound to her stomach, she later died leaving behind a 7 year old son.

A police officer has been arrested over the shooting death of Yamatji woman Joyce Clarke in September last year
A police officer has been arrested as a suspect in relation to the fatal shooting of Yamatji woman Joyce Clarke.