• Lydia Williams and her new children's book 'Goal!!!' (Supplied)Source: Supplied
Noongar goalkeeper Lydia Williams wants her new picture book to inspire children, as her namesake "Little Lydia" continues her journey in the city.
Keira Jenkins, Douglas Smith

1 Jun 2021 - 3:03 PM  UPDATED 1 Jun 2021 - 3:03 PM

Lydia Williams has chased up the success of her autobiographical picture book with a sequel set in the city, as her character "Little Lydia" continues her adventures with animal friends. 

'Goal!!!' is the follow-up to Lydia's first children's book 'Saved!!!', which takes place in the bush.

Lydia told NITV News how the book is based on her own life story.

"I wrote 'Saved!!!' and that was kind of me growing up in the bush and having animal friends," she said.

"My dad was an Indigenous Elder so he told me a lot about the land and native animals in Australia. Then 'Goal!!!' is all about when I moved to Canberra.

"When I moved to Canberra I actually worked at a zoo for four years and I got my zoo keeping degree.

"It's a journey for little Lydia having zoo animal friends that help her learn about different ways of being a better goalkeeper and better person."

The move to the big city in Lydia's own life was the catalyst for her love of soccer, and little Lydia learns new things about the sport with animal friends in the book.

Lydia said she's excited for young people to continue with little Lydia on her journey, as she finds herself and her passion as a goal keeper. 

"I grew up playing AFL... AFL and basketball were my sports," she said.

"It wasn't until I moved to Canberra where there was no AFL so the closest thing to it for me was playing soccer and playing as goal keeper so I fit in pretty naturally into that.

"I think it's such an untapped X factor sport that Indigenous people can play so I'd definitely love to see it in more Indigenous communities and rural places because I don't think it's been utilised as much as it should be."

Lydia said she's also hoping for children to be inspired by little Lydia's story, and take away that they can do anything they're passionate about.

"I think for me the book is portraying anything you'd like to put your mind to, you can achieve it," she said.

"It just takes the support of your family, friends and you've just got to learn to love it.

"It will be hard along the way but I think that's where you learn the most about yourself and get the most out of it."

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