• Golliwog dolls may have been removed from Broadbeach Oasis News but they're still on sale in other stores. (Glenn Hampson)Source: Glenn Hampson
While they've been removed from sale at the newsagency, the dolls are still sold in a number of other shops and online.
Keira Jenkins

16 Jun 2021 - 3:53 PM  UPDATED 16 Jun 2021 - 3:58 PM

A Gold Coast store has told NITV News it has made the decision to stop selling golliwog dolls. 

Staff at the Broadbeach Oasis News said that they had pulled the dolls from their shelves but declined to comment further.

The ABC reported the store had the dolls for sale alongside teddy bears, on Monday.

Once popular childhood toys, golliwogs have since been widely criticised for their racist depiction of people of colour.

The golliwog first appeared in 1895, depicted in Florence Kate Upton's children's book "The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls." 

The character of the golliwog was described as "a horrid sight, the blackest gnome."

The issue has come up several times in recent years, as the dolls continue to be sold in stores around the country. 

Earlier this month, a Tasmanian local government politician caused uproar when he posted a supportive comment of golliwogs online, leading to his removal from representing the Mental Health Foundation of Australia.

In 2018, the Royal Adelaide Show removed several golliwog dolls from display in response to social media outcry.

Nagarrindjeri, Kaurna man Dominic Guerrera posted photos of the dolls on Twitter.

At the time, Mr Guerrera said he was shocked the the dolls were on display. 

"I think people have been a little bit blinded by the cuteness of the toy," he said.

"Once you know what these dolls represent you should get rid of them."

While the dolls have been removed from the shelves at Broadbeach Oasis News, the dolls are still sold in a number of other shops and online.

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