• The Vogue cover featuring Magnolia Maymuru and her daughter Djarraran. (Vogue Australia.Picture: Charles Dennington.)Source: Vogue Australia.Picture: Charles Dennington.
Magnolia Maymuru speaks about the stunning cover that turned heads online, First Nations representation in the modelling industry, and being a new mum.
Keira Jenkins

11 Aug 2021 - 3:52 PM  UPDATED 11 Aug 2021 - 3:53 PM

The latest cover of Vogue, featuring Yolngu model Magnolia Maymuru and her daughter Djarraran, has garnered a lot of attention online.

Not only is the photograph on the September issue of the magazine strikingly beautiful, but comments on social media have pointed to the the importance of centring the voices First Nations women.

It's something not lost on Ms Maymuru, who told NITV News her community is incredibly proud for her to be featured on the cover with her daughter, as are many others across the country.

"I'm seeing people start to tag mothers and their daughters," she said.

"Just seeing the comments are really touching. Sometimes it makes me a bit emotional too because you never see people like me in shows and on magazine covers.

"That's a hard truth but it's time that we start seeing women from everywhere - you know, even in the deserts in Western Australia, there's so many beautiful dark-skinned people, and none of them are represented.

"...But I have noticed that there's a been a shift in the modelling industry."

Ms Maymuru said she's been heartened by the increasing representation of First Nations people in the fashion industry.

She said it was an incredible opportunity for her and 4-month-old Djarraran to work with Vogue on the photoshoot, and to share her story for the magazine's September issue.

Ms Maymuru said the entire experience was 'surreal', but from the moment they boarded the plane to the early start to catch the sunrise for the shoot, she felt the support of her family, and the team at Vogue.

"It was so special," she said.

"... We started at 4:30am, that's when we had to get up. We had to go and do hair and makeup but the team was just really hands on and we felt really comfortable."

And when Ms Maymuru and her partner were first shown the photograph they were blown away, but never imagined it would be as well-received as it has been.

"When they showed it to us, we saw it and we were like 'Oh that's beautiful' but we didn't think it was going to be the cover," she said.

But Ms Maymuru said it's not always easy balancing work with family, speaking of doubts that crept up when Djarraran was just two months old.

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"There was a time early on that I was a bit overwhelmed," she said.

"I was doing just a small shoot here and I was told my daughter was having a really hard time being away from me and it made me feel a bit insecure about whether I should stick with my job or not.

"She was only two months at this time and it really had me thinking if continue with my career, will it be good for her and so much started running through my mind."

Ms Maymuru realised she wasn't alone in having these doubts, after connecting with other mothers.

Her advice to other new mums is to remember there are people to support you, and to do what feels right for you.

"I started to speak to other mums, more experienced mums, and the more I was around these mums, the more I learned," she said.

"So my advice to new mums is to always ask, if they're unsure about anything, just try it out, and they have to be comfortable with whatever decisions they make.

"You should always feel comfortable, whatever you choose to do."

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