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From its humble beginnings in 2007, NITV has grown as a voice for First Nations people around the country. See how our look, and our channel, have grown over the years.
NITV Staff Writer

3 Dec 2021 - 12:30 PM  UPDATED 12 Dec 2021 - 8:22 AM

2007 - The beginning

Much like the station itself, our logo had humble beginnings.

Though it's a simple one, this simple design will always have a special place in the channel's history as it became the face of Australia's first dedicated channel for First Nations people. 

Early programs included celebrations of Blak excellence in both sports and the arts like Marngrook Footy Show, Barefoot Rugby League Show, Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical, Roots Music, Chocolate Martini, Grounded, Koori Knockout, Tamworth Aboriginal Country Music Showcase and many more. 

NITV has grown to include a big team, but in the early days, it was the passion of a relatively small group of individuals that allowed the channel to launch. 

Those people remember fondly the buzz and energy that surrounded the channel's beginning, and this logo brings the memories back.  



2012 - The move to SBS

"The Black Box", as it was known, accompanied NITV's move to the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

The channel was maturing with the passion of the early years combined with the experience that was building in the ranks, and the logo sought to convey that.

It was representative of the “black box", recognising NITV being a television broadcaster and its catering to Blak audiences, and also evoked a campfire with its orange colour and embers; a place that inspired the NITV identity — where people come together and share stories.

From little things big things grow: 10 years of NITV
NITV is celebrating it's anniversary, marking 10 years of Indigenous storytelling and production - a first in Australia's national media.

With the migration to SBS, the programming broadened to include a variety of interests, with Kriol Kitchen, Awaken and Around the Traps began acquiring global Indigenous content, like Moccasin Flats, Moose TV and Hunting Aotearoa.

Much thought went into its development, with Māori Television, one of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN) partners, assisting creatively.

It remains one of the fan favourites in its aesthetic. 

2016 - A twist on the familiar

In 2016, NITV refreshed its brand to reflect a modern and accessible image.

The "campfire" logo took the familiar Mercator SBS logo, with its world map strips, and put a First Nations twist on it. 

The redesigned logo, depicting a stylised campfire, had a sleek and modern feel. The campfire, again, idealised a powerful symbol of First Nations storytelling culture.

The campfire was a place of storytelling for 60,000 years, and NITV wanted to continue that culture into the future. 

The programs we know and love have been housed under this logo: League Nation Live, Over The Black Dot, Yokayi Footy, The Beach, Little J and Big Cuz, The Point and lots more. 

2021 - Our new look!

The new NITV brandmark incorporates the clapstick, or Bilma, as it is known in North-East Arnhem land; a universal symbol for rhythm that pulses and creates a structure to our song and dance.

As the clapsticks are struck, the rhythm, represented by Songlines, is carried across the country, connecting and celebrating our culture.

These elements together represent NITV; the home of First Nations storytelling in Australia that showcases the diversity of Indigenous voices, views and practices.

Created by Indigenous design agency Gilimbaa, the colour palette was carefully chosen to represent mobs from across the country. 

Running left to right, the four clapsticks represent Saltwater, Freshwater, Bush Country and Desert Country mobs respectively. 

As an organisation with programs that inspire, instil pride and lead to a greater understanding of Aboriginal and  Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, made by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, NITV helps all Australians to connect with our rich Indigenous history.

We are a nation of many nations and are connected across the country as a diverse and strong people; continuing our stories and carrying our strength in our identity in contemporary times.

Our people are culturally dynamic as we share and celebrate the oldest continuing culture on earth.

Our stories and customs will continue. Strong culture, strong stories, and strong communities.

Keep an eye out for the exciting stories we'll be telling under our new logo!


The new brand will be live across NITV and SBS channels from 5am on Sunday 12 December.

Watch the NITV live stream or see the channel's SBS On Demand collection.