• A protester at the annual Invasion Day March on Yuggera Country in Meanjin (Brisbane). (Stefan Ambruster )Source: Stefan Ambruster
NITV News Online is covering all the news on January 26 events around the country with regular updates from our state correspondents on what's happening in all the major metropolitan areas, as well as other related Survival Day, Invasion Day, and Australia Day events.
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26 Jan 2020 - 6:51 AM  UPDATED 26 Jan 2020 - 5:39 PM

4.50, Perth: NITV News' Rangi Hirini reports from the Invasion Day 2020 rally on Noongar Country in Perth. Herb Bropho, a prominent activist, is wearing chains around his neck to present all his people who are incarcerated. 

"These chains represent all the pain and suffering of what we went through and our mob who died in custody," he said. 

Rangi said it is one of the biggest turnouts she has ever seen with organisers this year calling for the end of the "genocide of Aboriginal people". 

4.45pm, Sydney: Bruce Pascoe has made it out for the Sydney based Yabun festival, dancing alongside Doonooch Dancers from Nowra, NSW.

4.20pm, Adelaide: Ahead of the Survival Day 2020 event on Kaurna Country (Adelaide), Waanyi Garawa man & Radio Presenter, Christopher Crebbin reporting on behalf of NITV News caught up with Karl Telfer.

The location of the Survival Day event is at Tandanya, the country’s oldest Aboriginal-owned and managed multi-arts centre, which Mr Telfer describes as an “important” location for January 26.   

“Where we are today, it is at an important place for an important event on this day which is survival day,” he said.

“[Tandanya] is very, very important because it's about the fight of old people… I am here to continue that fight because it is so important.  

“It’s about our identity and our integrity… we want to share our culture.”

3.44pm, Hobart: NITV News' Keira Jenkins reports that the Invasion Day events crowd on nipaluna Country in Hobart has dissipated. 

Organisers have said "‘we head our own ways to mourn in our own ways" on the conclusion of the march. 

3.38pm, Sydney: Following the Invasion Day Rally on Gadigal land in Sydney, thousands have flocked to  Victoria Park in Camperdown for the Yabun festival. 

The event sees live music performances, this year including Dan Sultan and Kobi Dee, panel discussions around issues affecting First Nations people and bustling stall markets. 

Yabun works to honour the survival of the world’s oldest living culture. 

3.20, Alice Springs: NITV News' Ryan Liddle reports that the Invasion Day rally on Mparntwe Country in Alice Springs has wrapped. He said the heat has seen many people head home to escape the sun. 

3.15pm, Melbourne: NITV News’ Madeline Hayman-Reber reports that the Melbourne Invasion Day Rally has come to an end. She said tens of thousands of people showed up with many holding placards saying “black power” and “no pride in genocide”.

Leader of the Victorian Greens Samantha Ratnam said she attended the rally to stand “in solidarity with our First Nations”.

“[Protestors are] calling for truth-telling and justice and really it’s the only pathway for us forging a future truly together in this country,” she said.

The crowd are now gathering at Treasury Gardens for the Share the Spirit Festival, where many will celebrate the survival of First Nations people in Australia. 


2.45, Brisbane: NITV News' Douglas Smith reports that thousands of people showed up for the annual Invasion Day March on Yuggera Country in Meanjin (Brisbane). 

As the day went on, protestors chanted as they crossed the bridge over to South Brisbane heading towards Musgrave Park, a significant location for the Aboriginal people of the Yuggera Nation. 

The day ended with a corroboree, speeches and a large gathering of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 

2.30pm, Sydney: NITV News' Rachael Hocking reports that the Invasion Day Rally on Gadigal land in Sydney has come to an end. She said the march heard from families seeking justice for their loved ones who have died in custody. 

The rally also paid homage to the men and women who protested 82 years earlier at the first day of mourning, seeking equal citizenship rights.  

The day concluded at the Yabun Festival, allowing time for people to come together to celebrate the survival of Indigenous people. 

2.10pm, Alice Springs: NITV News' Ryan Liddle reports from the Invasion Day rally on Mparntwe Country in Alice Springs that the march called for more action around policy making, to be more inclusive of Indigenous people. 

Local Elder and event organiser Pat Ansell Dodd said that "we are still fighting for our rights". 

"I would really like to see a Treaty....we need to be involved more," she said. 

2.00pm, Canberra: NITV News’ Shahni Wellington reports that thousands of people have shown up for the Survival Day March on Ngunnawal/Ngambri Country in Canberra. She reports that the march called for sovereignty and the return of Aboriginal land.

Olympian and former senator Nova Peris joined the march and said she was overwhelmed by the turnout.

“I can feel the passion, the sadness, the pride, the pride of survival,” she said.

“When you see so many non-Indigenous people that are out here yelling out ‘no pride in genocide’ and ‘always was, always will be, Aboriginal land’ and that is a beautiful thing, the times are changing. 

“If we can’t get it right now when can we get it right.”

1.52pm, Brisbane: NITV News' Doug Smith reports that the rally has arrived at Musgrave Park.

Around 5000 people turned out for the Invasion Day march which began in Queen's Park at around 10am this morning.

The demonstration will now assemble in the culturally significant location of Musgrave Park in the city's suburb of West End for live performances and the lighting of the sacred fire.

1.37pm, Melbourne: A massive Invasion Day crowd marches down Bourke street:

1.30pm, Sydney: South Sydney NRL players Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker and James Roberts are marching through the main streets of Sydney as part of the Invasion Day Rally on Gadigal land in Sydney. 

12.50pm, Sydney: NITV News' Rachael Hocking reports there was a minute of silence held mid-way through the Invasion Day Rally on Gadigal land in Sydney, to commemorate 82 years since the day of mourning. 

12.45pm, Alice Springs: NITV News' Ryan Liddle reports that the Invasion Day event on Mparntwe Country in Alice Springs is now underway. 

12.20pm, Hobart: NITV News' Keira Jenkins reports that organisers of the Invasion Day March on nipaluna Country in Hobart have said the event has tripled in size over recent years. 

Arriving at Parliament House, the crowd forms a circle in a dance of thousands, followed by a sombre minute of silence.

Canons fired in the distance is a poignant reminder of the arrival of Europeans, said local Nala Mansell. 

“That is the exact sound Aboriginal people would have heard before they were massacred." 

12.00pm, Sydney: NITV News’ Rachael Hocking spoke with Gavin Stranbrook ahead of the Invasion Day Rally on Gadigal land in Sydney who said this year, as the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's arrival in New South Wales, is an opportunity for all Indigenous people to share “the truth about our nation”.  

“The first thing I want is for everyone to get organized, this is a particular year because we have to set the agenda for what really went on in this country,” he said.

“Society is going to be celebrating cook… this year and this protest today is the time to reassert the truth about our nation.”

11.58am, Brisbane: NITV News' Doug Smith reports that the Invasion Day rally in Meanjin/Brisbane is underway with speeches in Queens Park in the city's CBD.

Indigenous riders are leading the march in Yuggera Country this year. This morning before the march they gathered at Musgrave Park. 

11.50am, Canberra: NITV News' Shahni Wellington reports the Canberra Survival Day March about to get underway on Ngunnawal Country.

The march is being organised by the Ngunnawal Youth Council with staunch organisers Justine Brown, Bradley Mapiva-Brown, Jahmarl Towney.

They say the march will demonstrate our mobs continuous connection to the lands, water and communities.

"The start of the century, we must mark this occasion by acknowledging our history, in support of standing tall, proud and in unity together!"



11.37am, Melbourne: The number at Melbourne's Invasion Day rally continue to grow as local Aboriginal leaders address the crowd at the foot of the steps of Parliament House:

11.30am, Melbourne: NITV New's Madeline Haymen-Reber reports huge numbers gathering at the steps of Victoria's Parliament house in Spring Street.

11.15am: With marches on the eastern seaboard preparing to mobilise, some international displays of solidarity are beginning to appear on the social media platforms:


10.18am: NITV New's Rachael Hocking reports that the Chatfied and Dungay families arrived in solidarity at the Sydney (Warrang) Invasion Day Rally at Hyde Park.

They say they are still seeking justice after the deaths in custody of Tane Chatfield and David Dungay. 

9.27am: NITV News' Madeline Hayman-Reber reporterd live from St Kilda, Melbourne on the shoreline of Naarm, where an inaugural mourning ceremony hosted by Boonwurrung Elder  Parbin-ata Carolyn Briggs and the Port Phillip Council.


As with The Vigil event at Barangaroo in Sydney last night, the emphasis on the ceremony was about reflection, pathways forward, and reconciliation. Prayers were shared with members of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities, before a traditional smoking ceremony was held. Over 300 people attended the event.

A second event was held at Kings Domain Resting Place next to the Yarra River closer to the Melbourne CBD, reflecting on the lives lost in the massacres that occurred across the state since colonisation.

Madeline will be reporting live from the Melbourne Invasion Day rally, where tens of thousands of people are expected to again show up in solidarity.

Elsewhere in Victoria, images provided by Sissy Austin show around 1000 people attending the Ballarat dawn service.

8.55am: NITV News' Rachael Hocking was at the WulgulOra Ceremony at Barangaroo on Gadigal land this morning, where the Metro Land Council's Yvonne Weldon ended her Welcome to Country with a powerful reminder: "We were here since time began. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land."

Those sentiments were reflected by both the NSW governor Margaret Beazley and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian in their addresses in front of a crowd of hundreds.

The Koomurri dancers and Buuja Buuja Butterfly Dance group performed corroboree, reminding the audience of the beauty and diversity of First Nations cultures.

Finally, before a backdrop of 250 Aboriginal flags - signifying 250 years since Lieutenant James Cook sailed into Botany Bay - the Aboriginal Flag was raised alongside the Australian flag atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

8.15am: Coverage of January 26 will continue on NITV and NITV Online throughout the day with regular crosses to Invasion Day and Survival Day marches, Australia Day related news with news bulletins on the hour and Live Facebook feeds, as well as here.

NITV News' Sydney correspondent Rachael Hocking is at the WulgulOra ceremony at Barangaroo in Sydney where Rayma Johnson from the Buuja Buuja Butterfly Dance Group will back up after last night's performance at The Vigil.

Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara musician Isaiah Firebrace will also perform.

Sunrise Ceremony

8.00am: The Sunrise Ceremony closes with a performance from Mitch Tambo singing You're The Voice in language in Gamilaroi. Tambo will be performing in Eurovision Decides next weekend.

Moments earlier Lydia Miller, said no First Nations person should have to apologise for colonisation and that the next 250 years ultimately offered the opportunity "to chart new borders, new terrains, new song lines".

"I think the onus is on everybody," she said.  

7.45am: JP and Narelda discuss with the original panel members some of the many events that have happened over the past 20 years that have impacted First Nations peoples and the Australia nation as a whole.

JP says the death in custody of Mulruniji Doomadgee in 2004 was one tragedy that has been carried in his mind.

Teela Reid says she feels like she has to "armour up" every day.

7.15am: The panel is joined by Dr Casta Tungaraza, President of African Women's Council of Australia, along with Sheikh Wesam Charkawi, founder of the Abu Hanifa Institue in Sydney, and world renowned musician and noted leader in the Vietnamese Australian community Ngoc-Tuan Hoang.

Dr Casta says that Australia's reputation does suffer from an international perspective due to its historical treatment of First Nations peoples and new arrivals. Dr Casta says many current issues such as the racialisation of crime and a culture of marginalisation and exclusion continue today.

Sheikh Charkawi says although he was born in Australia he still experiences incidents of people telling him to "go back to where you come from". He says, growing up, he "never felt like I belonged here."

7.00am: Panellists have discussed a range of topics this morning, including First Nations sovereignty, constitutional reforms to formally recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the nation's founding document, Australia's troubled history, and the importance of inclusive ceremony to create cross-cultural, shared pathways forward.  

6.35am: The Sunrise Ceremony from Sydney's North Head is, for the first time, being simulcast by commercial broadcaster Ten as well as SBS this morning. NITV's John-Paul Janke has been joined by Studio Ten's Narelda Jacobs to co-host guests including Sydney Festival director Wesley Enoch, Teela Reid, Mau Power, Marlee Silva, and Lydia Miller from the Australia Council of the Arts.

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