• Perth rapper Beni Bjah. (YouTube)Source: YouTube
'When you recognise, that's how your culture survives,' is the powerful message from Perth rapper's latest single.
Craig Quartermaine

3 Feb 2016 - 4:06 PM  UPDATED 3 Feb 2016 - 5:02 PM

They'd rather compensate us
then give us recognition
in other words they'd rather buy you out of your traditions
cause when you recognise
that's how your culture survives...
Beni Bjah

From the jarring words of Iron Ore magnate Lang Hancock’s final solution, to sterilise Indigenous Australians, you realise Beni Bjah ain’t here to mess around on his new release called 'Survivors'.

Born out of life-long frustrations of systemic racism encountered no only in Perth but across the country, Benjamin Hasler - or Beni Bjah - took his love of hip-hop, and passion for his people to pen this lyrical wake-up call for Australia.

The beautifully shot film-clip was a collaboration with documentary maker David Vincent Smith.

The beat was provided by Cortext, creating a confronting, but important clip in a  time when prominent musicians like Briggs and Thelma Plum, are openly attacked for standing up.

With lyrics like, "Australia it's time to recognise, we're survivors", Benji Bjah joins other artists in calling out those attempting to “deny our pride.” 

And in a conscious effort to raise awareness of the impact of racial division, Beni Bjah has pledged that all funds raised from the sale of the single, and forthcoming album, will be donated to education programs in Western Australia.