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Christmas is supposed to be a time of coming together, loved ones and the spirit of giving; it's apparently also a time for racism like blackface, public rants and nut jobs targeting racial groups with messages like: "stop being so racist you pigs".
23 Dec 2016 - 1:42 PM  UPDATED 23 Dec 2016 - 2:30 PM

'Santa is WHITE!'

They thought it would be a gesture of racial harmony. They thought in an age of improving perceptions of African Americans it would be a sign of the times, they thought after eight years of a black President it would be good PR. They thought wrong. 

When the Mall of America decided to hire a retired army veteran to play a black Santa, American racists went into meltdown. One newspaper had to turn off comments on its story about the new Santa. It got that bad.

Some choice comments: "I don't understand why Santa would be black. He is a white character. Just seems kind of racist to make him black," and "I hope every self respecting white parent does not take their child to see this atrocity."

Spoiler alert: Santa's not real, so he's neither black nor white.

'But it's tradition!' Black Peter

It's hard to believe something like this is even happening, but yes, every year in the Netherlands hundreds of Dutch people smear their faces with boot polish, paint on heavily exaggerated red lips, don Afro wigs and wear gold hoop earnings, cause, ya know, tradition.

The classy event in question is that of Black Peter or Zwarte Piet - loved by many Dutch, reviled by just about everyone else. It's been going on since the 19th century and is based on a lovable book about black Moors from Spain who was enslaved by Santa, but, before this they were supposedly an enslaved devils or demons, whom according to Wikipedia: "This chained and fire-scorched devil may have re-emerged as a black human in the early 19th-century Netherlands, in the likeness of a Moor and as a servant of Saint Nicholas." What a concept!

Needless to say the continuing inclusion of Black Peter in public festivals in early December as part of the run up to Christmas is somewhat controversial.

Apparently Golliwogs are hilarious!

Already suffering a serious image problem as a nest of evangelical Christianity, Toowoomba copped more bad PR when a local chemist thought it would be a good idea to place a group of golliwog dolls under a sign advertising a "White Christmas". despite an apology from the store owner the incident earned Toowoomba the new title of "the most racist city in Australia".

People sending bacon smeared hate letters to the Lebanese Muslim Association

This is kind of weird, as the LMA said after the incident they are not offended by bacon - they simply choose not to eat it, that however did not stop some local nut or nuts form greasing themselves up and sending Xmas cards smeared with the bacon grease. Clever messages contained inside included: “stop being racist you pigs” and "Merry Christmas goat f**kers. Christ is King, Mo's a pedo".

The best response came from Muslim comedian Nazeem Hussain who tweeted: "BACON IS NOT CRYPTONITE TO MUSLIMS. WE LOVE PIGS. WE DON'T EAT THEM."

Federal Government bullying Freemantle Council over its cultural sensitive alternative to Australia Day

When Freemantle council in consultation with the local Aboriginal community decided not to celebrate Australia day on January 26 and move citizenship ceremonies to January 28 all hell broke loose. Talk back radio fired up and conservative politicians went feral, forcing the council to back down for being "unAustralian".

Christmas Sales are stressful, so some people get really racist as a way of dealing 

Christmas sales are stressful, so some people get racist to deal. 

When a woman thought she had been cut in front of while waiting in line at a US JC Penny's store her demands the other woman "go to the back of the line" quickly descended into "go back to the f**k wherever you came from. It's just a logical reaction really.

"You are nobodies. Just because you come from another country, it make you no body. You are nobody."

Also: "Speak English, this is America!"

The Racist who does not think he is a racist.... sigh

'Not tonight brother...  the manager told me not to let Aboriginals in'

A young Aboriginal couple were horrified earlier this month when they were told by a bouncer at at their favourite local pub that they could not come in because of their race.

“When we were refused, I asked what was wrong and he (the security guard) said, ‘Nah, not tonight brother… the manager told me not to let Aboriginals in tonight’,” Mr Miller Koncz told The Advertiser.

Apparently when Mr Koncz complained on the hotel's Facebook page his comment was deleted by the administrator. 

Palm Island racial discrimination case - QLD Police were racist when dealing with the community

At the begging of December this year group of Palm Islanders won parts of a class action against the Queensland Government and police force in a racial discrimination case in the Federal Court.

In a scathing judgement Justice Debbie Mortimer ruled that police had violated the Racial Discrimination Act, finding some of the complaints brought in action to substantiated as racially discriminatory.

'Something something.... those refugees!'

In a desperate bid for relevance in a digital age that has seen its audience and revenue collapse, the Daily Telegraph continues to turn to its favourite tactic for getting attention. Demonising refugees.

Last week the paper ran an "expose" which revealed school children were upset at conditions on Nauru and had written a letter and petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the situation.

The NSW Department of Education went into dog whistle glass jaw mode and announced an "investigation" into the "totally inappropriate" letter. No doubt this all happened after a breathless Telegraph reporter sent through their questions on the scoop. 

US woman calls police after neighbour assaults her son, but they taser and arrest her instead (hint: she's black)

In this absolutely horrifying video (another one) a woman is tasered and arrested in distressing scenes after she called the police because a neighbour choked her son for littering.

Who says America has a problem with racism.

'Enjoy the tea!': The simple gesture that helped combat racism

Upon overhearing two women having a distasteful discussion about the plight of "Aboriginals" in a Freemantle cafe, Indigenous man Jarred Wall decided to give them a serve... of tea, that is.

"I don’t think there was a need for me to go up there and verbally go on a tirade or anything like that, so I thought OK maybe I’ll just buy them a tea, and I’ll write a message on the receipt and have the wait staff bring it over," he said.