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Satirical video reveals the darker side of Hawaiian history, from Monsanto to illegal annexation, and that hideous Aloha movie.
NITV Staff Writer

24 Mar 2017 - 10:24 AM  UPDATED 24 Mar 2017 - 12:20 PM

Beautiful Hawaii. A tropical paradise much loved by White Americans and tourists from many other places – and also an illegally occupied country. That’s the gist of a new video posted by The Juice Media which highlights the occupation and process of alienation of native Hawaiians from their land and continuing “whitewashing” of the Islands. 

Most people associate Hawaii with Waikiki, white sand and big waves. They don’t think about native land rights or military industrial development, as the video points out. There’s even a reference to the Hollywood whitewashing of a part Chinese-Hawaiian character in the film by moderately talented actor Emma Stone, with her distinctive pale skin and reddish hair.

The video talks about the destruction of water resources as a result of industrial agriculture, foreigners buying up native land, how military bases and target practice are damaging the islands, and the construction of astrological instruments on scared mountains.

It also jokingly claims that given that Hawaii was illegally occupied by US business interests and then illegally annexed by the US Government, it proves that Barack Obama, who was born on the Islands, is in fact technically not a US citizen, as often claimed by right wing nut jobs.

The Juice Media, the organisation behind the video, creates political comedy videos on First Nations issues, such as the below video about Standing Rock.