• Noongar designer, Peter Farmer will showcase his collaboration with world renown shoe brand Jimmy Choo. (Supplied)Source: Supplied
A special runway exhibition showcasing a Noongar designer's creation is set to wow the crowd at Perth NAIDOC week event.
Rangi Hirini

12 Jul 2018 - 1:51 PM  UPDATED 12 Jul 2018 - 1:51 PM

Perth crowds will be able to see first-hand the world's first haute couture Aboriginal shoe at a NAIDOC Celebration in Ashfield.

Noongar artist Peter Framer created two high heel designs in partnership with Professor Jimmy Choo. 

The shoes feature a vibrant range of colours inspired by Mr Farmer's Aboriginal cultural heritage.

“When you’re out in bush in the South West, where I come from, you see a lot of these colours, just bringing them to life is beautiful.  It’s different when you put it on clothing. Straight away people catch the eye by the colours they look at,” he told NITV News.

One of the shoe designs also includes a representation of Mr Farmer’s Aboriginal totem, the blue wren.

“[It's] my Aboriginal totem and our Aboriginal flora and fauna. We use a lot of that in our design, for our culture,” the designer continued.

The shoes hit the international runways last year, but this is the first time they will be showcased on home soil.

“The greatest thing is we get to show our own mob. It’s been to Malaysia, it’s been to other places but it hasn’t really been shown off here,” Peter’s wife, Miranda Farmer told NITV News. 

The story behind the creation

Mr Farmer met world-renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo through friends during a visit to Australia.  

He said Mr Choo has expressed interest in his Aboriginal totem and was personally able to connect with his story. 

“He liked that about our culture, that we do have a totem in and around our families, and he really loved the idea of putting it on his shoe,” Mr Farmer previously told WA media

Ms Farmer was with him when he met Mr Choo before their collaboration.

“It was really good to see two co-creators come together and think about what could be produced and that was the exciting bit for us to sit and watch,” she said. 

The couple is pleased the creation will be presented as part of Perth's NAIDOC Week 2018, as the theme is particularly fitting.

“I believe that women are the stronger, they’re the backbone of every family. I do appreciate my mother, my aunties, my wife, and all different sister girls, that I grew up,” Mr Farmer said. 

“They play a big part in our lives and in our families life as well. They do a lot without being recognised and I think it’s a big thing for them as well.” 

The runway show will promote not only Peter Farmer's artwork, but also highlight local Indigenous talent. 

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