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Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association CEO is thankful the federal court recognised the government's plans to build a nuclear dump on Indigenous lands is a human rights issue.
Brooke Fryer

27 Aug 2018 - 5:13 PM  UPDATED 27 Aug 2018 - 5:13 PM

With the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation's legal challenge to a community vote on a South Australia community waste dump proposal now with the Human Rights Commission, the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association is also awaiting the outcome.

Along with the Barngala people, the Adnyamathanha people are also facing a proposed nuclear waste dump on their land. There are three nominated sites in South Australia, two near Kimba and one near Hawker.

CEO of Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association Vince Coulthard said the federal court’s decision to send the case to the Human Rights Commission was a great outcome.  

Kimba injunction delays Hawker nuclear waste dump ballot
Both community ballots were scheduled to open today, with the legal challenge to the Kimba vote enough for the Hawker vote to be similarly postponed.

“We congratulate the Barngarla people of the Kimba area for taking this action and we look forward to our rights finally being recognised in what has been a flawed process from the start,” Mr Coulthard said in a statement.

“We have made it very clear we are opposed to this dump in our land and under the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples the government cannot store or dispose of hazardous materials in our land without our free, prior and informed consent and we do not give them any consent what so ever.”

Mr Coulthard said he was thankful the federal court recognised the proposed waste dump and the non-binding community ballots as a human rights issue.

Flinders Rangers Mayor Peter Slattery postponed the Hawker community vote after a court injunction was granted for the Kimba community vote. They will likely be held at the same time.

Barngarla challenge to nuclear waste vote sent to human rights commission
The community ballots on the proposed national nuclear waste storage sites are seen as discriminatory as only current residents are entitled to vote.
Injunction stalls one nuclear waste dump community vote
The Barngarla people have won a Supreme Court injunction against the vote in Kimba, with the Hawker ballot still scheduled to open Monday.
Aboriginal Elders debate nuclear waste dump
The project has sparked bitter debates and divided Traditional Owners.
The Greens will vote in favour of Victorian Treaty bill
The Greens will vote in support of the treaty legislation before Victorian Parliament tomorrow after the Government introduced key amendments, but will continue to push for further changes.