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Former NRL star and Over The Black Dot host, Owen Craigie reviews the past week in rugby: Inglis, the Tigers and broadcasting live on Channel 34.
Owen Craigie

20 Mar 2018 - 11:33 AM  UPDATED 20 Mar 2018 - 11:35 AM

Over the Black Dot is back for another year and it’s awesome to have you with us again.

We’re on for an hour this season and on a new day - which I’ll talk about soon. But first, the ugly incident involving Greg Inglis allegedly being racially abused by a ‘fan’ on the weekend.

This is an issue that Greg didn’t want to happen, but it has happened, and he’s just taken it in his stride and he’s a great leader.

He’s shown leadership over most of his career and something like this, the game can learn from to let people know and the public know that there’s no place in the game for racism.

Greg’s given so much to the game of rugby league, whether you love him or hate him with Queensland or South Sydney Rabbitohs, he’s taken this game to a whole new level.

The problem on the weekend is just a minority group or an individual who needs a lot of help, I think. And they need to be disciplined for their actions. Racism’s got no place in society, let alone sport these days. Those people who bring it into the space should be disciplined by the NRL.

They need to be disciplined for their actions. Racism’s got no place in society, let alone sport these days. 

I think this bloke will be named and shamed and then banned, and it just puts a warning out to everyone that if you’re gonna be racist, make racial comments and attend the game and be clowns, then the NRL and these clubs, will treat you like a clown.

They’ll bar you and send you away.

I think the game’s come a long way in regards to racism in the NRL and I think this will be handled professionally and all the clubs have banded together now so that’s positive and I think it’ll be addressed.

I haven’t got a magic wand or the answer, but to make racist comments in such a public venue, with so many people there, he’s either got a real hatred towards Greg Inglis or Aboriginals or the Rabbitohs. Who knows? But to make racial comments is ridiculous.


Tigers beating the Storm

It’s even more of a shame because the rugby league on the field has been amazing. It’s been an incredible start to the year, and the Knights are flying!

I did not pick the Tigers beating the Storm down there on the weekend; that was a massive, massive win.

I wouldn’t have picked the 54-0 win yesterday, Manly against Parramatta, but I did pick the Knights over the Raiders. The mighty Knights are two from two.

Every year the standard in the NRL gets higher and higher: the calibre of players, the speed, the skill, the vision. Blokes reading the game and blokes attacking and all these tries we’re seeing, the game’s getting faster and people are getting even better.

On Sunday, Daly Cherry-Evans tore shreds off the Parramatta team and then you turn around the day before and young Luke Brooks had a blinder against the Storm. You just can’t predict anything anymore.


... Annnd we're live!

But something you can mark down each week is Over the Black Dot.

This year is more exciting than the first because we’ve got a whole hour show this year, which is great. Plus we’re broadcasting live. We’ve also got some new panel members in as well, including Bo de la Cruz and the great Timana Tahu.

Great dynamics there. Great fit and I’m really excited for 2018.

We’re gonna have a lot of fun; a lot of fun and a lot of laughter. We’re going to talk everything rugby league, from Koori Knockout, all things Indigenous players, NRL, Queensland Rugby League, NSW Rugby League, touch rugby league, bush footy; so we’re going to talk everything rugby league and highlight the Indigenous factors throughout those levels.

We’re going to have some great debates on some good topics. We’re not going hold back on anything.

We’re going all guns blazing and talking about all the hot topics in rugby league. We’re gonna bring our expert panelists to highlight things they’ve recognised through the week. We’ve got an Indigenous Player of the Round feature, where we’re going to highlight them and why. We’re going to go really deep into rugby league throughout this year.

Over the Black Dot tonight, expect the unexpected really, because we love talking about all the hottest issues in the game.

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