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The Point will kick off from Wednesday 23 January with an in-depth look at the #changethedate campaign.
A cultural-based approach to reducing family violence targets men in one of the state’s most isolated areas.
A writing and illustration workshop seeks to nurture the next generation of Aboriginal storytellers.
The Yolŋu people are celebrating the success of their Gulkula mine, but what happens when it closes?
One final legal appeal stands in the way for Yindjibarndi people seeking compensation from one of Australia’s wealthiest mining companies.
The question of whether a person can 'become' Aboriginal after discovering ancestry through a DNA test is more complicated in Australia.
After decades of lobbying, the ancient practice of island adoption is set to be legally recognised — but how will this impact families in the Torres Strait?

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A Brisbane art project hopes to start a life-saving conversation by bringing together artists who suffer from mental illness.
When someone takes their own life, what happens to the people they leave behind? That’s the question posed by Man with the Iron Neck.
Hundreds of Aboriginal women across the east coast have had access to culturally safe maternity care thanks to some dedicated midwives.
Before she became the show’s first Indigenous contestant Brooke Blurton won a very different kind of competition.
Seventy years after rising tides forced Torres Strait residents to leave the island of Saibai, the community is thriving in their new home on the tip of mainland...
The Point takes a closer look at three key speeches from this year's Garma festival.
A new generation of stargazers are exploring how their ancestors used the night sky to thrive and survive in the Australian landscape.
A teenager subjected to a violent street attack speaks exclusively to NITV to try and change the 'African gangs' narrative.
Drawing on his own experiences of jail, Keenan Mundine is determined to help Indigenous kids stay out of the criminal justice system.
How do you hold a commission into telling the truth?
Two years after unrest saw teachers evacuated from Aurukun, the Cape York town has been working to find solutions with young community leaders.