From Malaysian fried chicken to crisp Italian cannoli - Poh Ling Yeow covers solid geographical terrain in this series, and these are just some of its unmissable recipes.
29 Apr 2020 - 10:15 AM  UPDATED 27 Jul 2021 - 10:05 PM

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Assam laksa

The secret to achieving the robust flavour in this laksa is in the Ikan bilis: small, sun-dried, deep-fried anchovies used in Malaysian cooking, available in Asian food shops and select greengrocers.

Great Aunty Kim’s mint egg

Ready in minutes, this tasty dish can be served as a standalone veg plate or as a side to a meatier main. Either way, its wonderful flavours will please the masses.

Kunyit (turmeric) fried chicken

Fried chicken might be on every second street corner in major cities, but this homemade version will give them a run for their money. A snap-lock bag is your best friend for making this punchy Malaysian favourite.

No-knead crusty loaf

Those who can bake their own bread live in a sphere reserved for domestic gods. Lucky, then, that this simple no-knead recipe has now paved the way for the most novice of bakers to create their fresh homemade loaves. 

Taro fried rice

If you think you know fried rice - think again. This version uses Chinese sausages (lap cheong), taro and crispy fried shallots, all of which can be found in Asian grocers and select supermarkets. 

Palmier (palm hearts or pig’s ears)

Delicate hands are needed when preparing these French classics. The molten sugar is super hot, so exercise caution when flipping them, and remember: sugar turns from a rich caramel brown to burnt very quickly!

Mama’s prawn and leek stir-fried noodles

This is a great midweek meal that skips all the chopping and dicing often required in regular stir-fries. Then, once you've tasted all those sweet and salty flavours coating those noodles, it will join your weekly repertoire.

Cannoli (cannoli alla ricotta)

Poh's take on the Sicilian sweet doesn't deviate too much from the original, incorporating a good nip of Marsala and a chocolate sauce at the end. This is one of those deeply satisfying recipes to get right, which is not difficult.

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