A dip to some, a near-religious experience for others. Use dried chickpeas or tinned, we don't care. Eat yours with a spoon? We don't judge. Chickpeace, love and mung beans for all.
1 Apr 2014 - 10:11 AM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2016 - 8:02 AM

1. Chickpeace for all

Can a country own hummus? So begins the Hummus War of 2008, with Lebanon sueing Israel for kitchen kudos of hummus. Hummus fanatic Trevor Graham made a documentary Make Hummus Not War, going  to the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict to find out: "Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East?" 


2. We're not taking sides ... but this Israeli version is hard to beat

File this hummus recipe from Feast under "How to Dress Up Minced Lamb". Get the recipe.

Don't overlook the origins of this much-loved sesame paste.


3. It′s the Beirut breakfast of champions

Do as the locals do in Beirut: sit down to a deliciously satisfying fatteh with hummus for breakfast.


4. It′s really not that difficult

The secret: soak your dried chickpeas with bicarbonate of soda to avoid lumpy hummus (unless you like it that way). Get the better than store-bought recipe.


5. Okay, this smoked version is slightly difficult, but a winner

This smoked hummus from Shane Delia is on high rotation at Friday afternoon drinks at SBS Food HQ. Sure, you need to set-up a smoker (or a wok, in a cinch) to smoke the chickpeas but the trade-off is you can use tinned ones.


6. Break (flat)bread 

Don't forget hummus′ best friend, homemade flatbread. We all love a Jatz, but you'll thank us for this traditional Turkish version of pita flatbread from Feast. (If you're a true hummus fanatic, though, you'll eat it with a spoon.) 


7. Against all odds, if you have leftover hummus

Then wrap this beef shawarma around it and call it lunch.



8. Spread the love

We've swapped chickpeas for dried broad beans, added cumin and paprika, and hey presto, we have bisara: a Moroccan dip masquerading as hummus. Shhh, don't tell Lebanon, Israel or Palestine. 


9. Give thanks to tahini, the unsung hero

You've made the hummus, now use up that last bit of tahini in the jar. Mmm, panko-crusted sesame chicken with miso-tahini cream.