It's the official day off for fathers 'round the country, so we've partnered the best (or worst?) Dad jokes with dishes he will love. Remember to serve him brekkie in bed, barbecued ribs or the ultimate Asian-American burger with a side of cheese.
28 Aug 2014 - 12:32 PM  UPDATED 28 Aug 2019 - 3:49 PM

1. Ham, egg and toast go to a bar and order drinks. Bartender: “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast.”

Spoil Dad with breakfast in bed that’s worth waking up for: Matthew Evanscroque madame. This pan-fried toastie is layered with Gruyere, leg ham, Dijon mustard, paprika and an impressive egg (cooked the way Pa likes it, of course). Via Feast magazine.

2. Why did the barista quit his job? He hated the daily grind.

For a sweet accompaniment to Pop's morning brew, try Anneka Manning’s chocolate, coffee and raisin rolls. These baked beauties are made from scone dough, but resemble more of a cakey biscuit.

3. Why don't eggs tell jokes? They'd crack each other up!

Father more of a Mexican breakfast man? Too easy. Serve up ranch-style eggs with spicy tomato sauce and fried tortillas. Don’t forget the orange juice, his tingling tastebuds will need it!  

4. What does sushi roll A say to sushi roll B? “Wasabi!”

Kimbap is a must at any Korean picnic. Why not embrace the fresh air and start your own family tradition? These sushi rolls are packed with so much flavour, you needn’t carry dipping sauce.

5. What did the baby corn say to its mum? "Where's my pop corn?"

Whether you’re watching the footy, backyard barbecuing or lunching at the grandparents’ place; spice up the snacks table with a bowl of chilli-garlic butter popcorn. For sweet tooth Dads, try banoffee popcorn crunch.

6. Why did the tomato blush? It saw the salad dressing!

You mightn’t make friends with salad, but you will charm the relatives with this recipe from Feast. Featuring capers, cucumbers, tomatoes, anchovies and hard cheese, Santorini salad is ideal with grilled seafood and crusty bread.

7. Dad, I'm hungry. "Hello, Hungry. I'm Dad."

Satisfy a famished family with agrodolce-glazed pork ribs. Named after the Italian words for sweet ("dolce") and sour ("agro"), this lip-smacking recipe takes barbecuing to unbelievable heights. Marinate the meat a day ahead and don’t forget the finger bowls – it’s gonna get messy!

8. Why couldn’t the man get inside his house? He had gnocchi!

Follow Matt Evans’ lead with this recipe for spinach and ricotta gnocchi. Topped with butter, parmesan and a squeeze of lemon, the pillowy dumplings are ideal as a starter or part of your Father’s Day spread. Via Feast magazine.

9. What’s the best cheese to hide a horse? Mascarpone.

Go one up on Dad’s cheesy jokes and make your own mascarpone. Start the Seasonal Cook’s recipe a day ahead, and serve alongside chocolate and cherry torta or atop ‘Nduja (pork sausage) pizza.

10. Why couldn't the sesame seed leave the casino? He was on a roll.

It’s Pa’s day off and we reckon that applies to his healthy eating habits, too. Break the calories bank with Feast’s ultimate Asian-American burger – a combination of pork belly, tofu and Sriracha slaw – plus Sichuan onion rings. Warning: food coma imminent!

11. Waiter to Dad: “I recommend the bean soup.” Dad to Waiter: “I don't care what it's been, what is it now?”

If the old man isn’t swayed by a burly burger, head down the wholesome route instead. This garlicky kale and white bean stew is incredibly quick and packs a big nutritional punch. Via My New Roots.

12. How many tickles does it take to get a squid to laugh? Ten tickles.

Bring this snack into your home. Read in less than 30 minutes there are no tricks or secret skills required and you can serve this seafood bounty with an icy cold beverage. 

13. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.

Serve up the real deal this Father’s Day with a bowl of pork salsicce, fennel seeds and chilli pasta. Drawing inspiration from Southern Italian home-cooking, O Tama Carey’s recipe is bold and an absolute breeze to make.

14. What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese!

Thought you knew nachos? Think again. Chilaquiles, made from tortillas, chipotle-spiked salsa and your choice of meat (here we’ve used turkey), is how the Mexicans really do it. Treat Dad to the deluxe version: pickled jalepeno, radish garnish and a watermelon and basil salt margarita to boot, or go vegetarian instead!

15. Where do cows go for lunch? The calf-eteria.

Beer-smothered beef sound like a good idea? This standing rib roast is mouth-wateringly tender and topped with a crust of mustard, rosemary, garlic and ale. Via Feast magazine.

16. Customer: “Why is this cake more expensive than the other?” Baker: “That’s Madeira cake.”

Quiet and unassuming, yet extremely more-ish, this lemon teacake actually tastes better after a day or two – not that it will last that long! Serve Pop a slice of Madeira and a strong cup of tea. Via Allan Campion and Michele Curtis

17. To a pizza delivery person: "Hey, you wanna pizza me?!"

Avert an awkward Dad-meets-delivery guy encounter and whip up some pizzas at home. For an easy Greek approach, try Maria Bernardis’ recipe for pita pizzas with prawns, fresh herbs and caramelised onions. Pa (and the pizza person) will be pleased.

18. Where can you get chicken broth in bulk? The stock market.

Impress Dad with one of our most popular recipes: Hainanese chicken rice. This Singaporean take on the much-loved Chinese classic includes pandan, kecap manis and a fresh scattering of cucumber.

19. Why does Superman get invited to lots of dinners? He's a Supperhero.

No Father’s Day feast is complete without a mighty cake. We’re digging this hummingbird variety – topped with cream cheese frosting, dried pineapple and toffee pecans – and we reckon Pop will, too. Moist, tropical and decidedly decadent, it’s the sweetest way to say “We love you!” Via the food dept.

Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting, dried pineapple and toffee pecans


For more dishes Dad will love, check out our Father’s Day collection here.

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