Sure, takeaway can be “easy”... but it’s also expensive and not always the healthiest option. We’ve got some better ideas.
30 Jul 2018 - 2:16 PM  UPDATED 7 May 2019 - 1:57 PM

Rice, noodles and pasta


1. Kimchi fried rice

Adam Liaw’s fried rice recipe comes together in just 20 minutes, and is given a fresh update with spicy kimchi. Keep a jar in the fridge and you can whip this up any day of the week.

2. Shanghai noodles with dried shrimps and spring onion oil

Fuchsia Dunlop calls this a snack, but to us, it’s dinner. Don’t let the short list of ingredients deceive you - this dish is deeply flavoursome. Make the oil ahead and you can have this on the table in ten minutes. 


Or try
Pad see ew (stir-fried rice noodles with roast duck and white pepper)

Often bastardised, follow a few rules to do this dish right: stick to only one type of vegetable (not a medley - and no carrots, please), don't skip the dark soy as it gives the noodles its handsome colour and there is no substitute for freshly ground white pepper. 

Cold udon noodles with sesame chicken (bukkake udon)

Noodles are a quintessential ingredient in Japanese cuisine and during the country’s hot and humid summers, steaming bowls of noodles are swapped for cold noodle dishes with dipping sauces. Here, a dashi sauce is poured over cold noodles and topped with fresh ingredients.

Pasta with pork salsicce, fennel seeds and chilli

This recipes looks to the flavours of our Southern Italian friends. Traditionally, pork is seasoned with fennel seeds that have an almost aniseed-like, slightly sweet flavour, and dried chilli. This particularly excellent flavour combination also happens to be one of my favourites. To make this rustic, easy to whip up dish, I’ve suggested the use of casarecce, a short dried pasta originally from Sicily that curls in on itself, but do feel free to use any other pasta you think may be appropriate.

Fish and seafood

6. Sake’s popcorn shrimp

Lightly battered with tempura, these addictive shrimp bites will have you hooked (pun intended!). Serve with a lemon dressing and homemade spicy mayo and impress everyone - they’ll never know it took you little more than half an hour!

7. Fish tacos with flour tortillas

Lightly battered fish is paired with sour cream and fresh crunchy vegetables on soft flour tortillas, and the result is nothing less than magical. Ready in less than an hour - and even less than that when you’ve got help on hand!

Fish tacos.

8. British fish cakes

A cinch to prepare, these classic fish cakes can be made with any kind of fish you have on hand. Crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy within, they’re best served with a crisp green salad and a chilled glass of wine.

more fish
Baked fish and chips with broad beans

Fish and chips needn't be greasy or bought from the local ‘chippy’. When cooked at home, and baked rather than fried, the classic Aussie treat can be transformed into a healthy crowd-pleaser. Try to buy thick-ish fish fillets as this will give the breadcrumbs time to crisp up. To make best use of your time, get all your ingredients ready, pop the potatoes in the oven, and then prepare the rest of the meal.

Salmon belly sashimi, pickled nori, daikon and carrot salad

Lightly seared, rubbed with lemon and dressed with pickled nori, this style of salmon sashimi needs no sauce. Served with the daikon salad, this simple Japanese recipe makes a fresh and satisfying entrée or light main meal.

Battered whiting and fat chips with Schezwan salt

This advertisement is directed at adults. James Squire encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Pizza the action


12. Pizza margherita

Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil - is there a more comforting flavour combination? Treat yourself to this classic pizza, featured in Food Safari Fire, and skip the queues at your local.

Pizza margherita.

13. Socca Pizza

Gluten-free? Get creative with the toppings on this besan flour base. 

Or try a pizza this
Spicy lamb pizza with pickled red onions (lahmacun)

Thin and crisp with a spicy lamb topping, the lahmacun is an easy do-it-yourself pizza that doesn’t require yeast or proving time. With a wholemeal base, no cheese and a minimalist approach to the toppings, this is a healthy mid-week pizza that doesn’t have to fall under the ‘special occasion’ banner.

Mauro’s perfect pizza dough

"There’s a world of difference between a good pizza dough and a perfect one."

Russell's wood fired pizza

Wood fired pizza has a unique flavour and texture due to the intense heat. Russell only needs to cook the pizzas in his wood fired oven for 2 minutes!

Regardless of the oven you are going to cook in Russell has a few tips for this recipe. He recommends keeping the ingredients to a minimum as the secret to making a great Italian pizza. “Less is more!” He also suggests leaving patches with no ingredients on the pizza dough as this allows the pizza to cook from the bottom up and the top down.

All wrapped up

17. Beef shawarma with tahini sauce

Rich beef is paired with smooth tahini and tangy pickled veggies - and all wrapped up in a soft pita. Served with a cold beer, it’s summer in a roll.

18. Chicken fajitas with lime salsa

Come summer, you’ll find us at the barbecue, grilling up the chicken for these fajitas. Paired with a zesty lime salsa and all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla, they’re a real crowd-pleaser. 

more bundles of joy
Chicken souvlaki with chopped salad

Greece’s best-known food, the souvlaki, might date back to ancient times, but shops specialising in meat cooked on sticks and gyros didn't appear in the country until after World War Two. Since then, the satisfying skewers have taken the world by storm, and for good (read: delicious) reason. We've used chicken in this recipe, but pork or lamb would work equally well. Serve your souvlaki with tzatziki or Greek yoghurt, as well as the chopped salad and cos leaves, if you like.

Chicken san choy bow

Deliciously flavoured chicken mince wrapped in crisp lettuce leaves and eaten with your hands. 

Meaty dishes

22. Lamb, feta and silverbeet gozleme

Make the dough the night before and settle in for a night of crispy pastry filled with spiced lamb and creamy feta – could there be a better way to finish the week?

Head over heels.

23. Pork and chilli dumplings

Seared and sticky on the bottom, and tender on the inside, these dumplings can be ready in just 40 minutes. Best paired with a cold beer; make sure you add extra soy sauce and sesame oil for dipping.

From charry bottoms to soupy insides....

24. Schnitzel with mashed potato and red cabbage

You don’t have to leave your house for this pub classic - genuine Austrian schnitzel is yours for the making… at home! Our tip: make extra for sandwiches the next day. 

Or how about these
Cajun fried chicken wings with coriander dressing

Make your own Cajun spice mix to add a touch of spice to deep-fried chicken wings. The extra spice mix can be stored in a jar in the pantry for up to 6 months.

Indian chicken curry with cauliflower rice

Serve this richly spiced, creamy chicken curry on a bed of paleo-friendly cauliflower ‘rice’. Finishing it off with a drizzle of coriander pesto adds another dimension of taste and texture.

Beef burger with the lot

If you like your burgers big, bold and saucy, this is the recipe for you. With cheese, bacon, salad essentials (tomato and lettuce) and Worcestershire sauce-spiked beef patties, there's a lot of punchy flavours to go around. The best part? Your seeded bun will never go dry with the addition of mayo, American mustard and spicy tomato relish. Dig in! 

Banh mi thit

Make your very own Vietnamese pork rolls at home with our simple recipe for this takeaway favourite. Start from scratch by pickling the carrot and making the mayonnaise, then add crunch with fresh cucumber, coriander and chilli.

Beans and veg


29. Falafel

Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will go nuts over these falafels. So much better than anything you’ll buy from a store or takeaway shop, everyone will be asking for seconds. Trust us. 


Or these
Yellow dhal with peas (arhar dhal matar)

This easy, one-pot dish is flavoured with ginger, cumin and turmeric and mildly spiced with Kashmiri chilli.

Fatteh with hummus

This recipe is a popular breakfast dish all over the Levant and dates back as far as the time of the Crusaders. I prefer to have this on a hot summer night as it's light and refreshing. Serve it individually or on a large platter for everyone to share, mezza-style. As we say in Arabic, sahtan – enjoy in good health.


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