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Small businesses in Sydney's Little India precinct bear the brunt of lockdown

Most of the businesses have suffered huge losses and are somehow surviving on the government relief package. Source: Gurmeet Singh

Local restaurants, hair and beauty, retail and hospitality businesses are feeling the impacts of Sydney's current lockdown as New South Wales battles COVID surge.

Gurmeet Singh Tulli, president of Little India Australia association and a business owner at the Little India precinct, famous for housing a cluster of Indian eateries and businesses in Sydney's Harris Park, said small businesses are feeling the pinch of the current lockdown.

“Most of the businesses have come to a grinding halt and are suffering huge losses due to the recent lockdowns, and as a result, the roads in Harris Park look completely deserted," he said.


  • Local businesses in Sydney's Harris Park are struggling to survive in the current lockdown
  • Business owners seek more government funding to survive the crisis

Mr Tulli said retail and restaurant owners who do not provide doorstep delivery have been "worst affected" during the ongoing shutdowns.

"Some restaurants in Little India have switched from dine-in to delivery only. Many pop-up stalls have come up in front of the shops where people come and pick up their orders. But those who haven't pivoted towards the online or delivery culture have been hit hard," he said.

Mr Tulli added that while the federal government is doling out cash grants to help small businesses stay afloat, they are sometimes not enough.

“Some businesses have large overheads and have a large number of employees. The help provided by the government doesn’t cover all their expenses. While the established businesses can show previous revenue proofs to show a drop in profits, new shopfronts often do not have that option," he said.


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